5 Things to Invest in in Your Home - One of the biggest home struggles is figuring out where to spend vs where to save. Here's my top 5 items to splurge on.

5 Things to Invest in in Your Home


When you’re creating your design and decor plan for your home, the things that you need to put the most money towards should be at the top of your list. Pieces that are essential and will be used for a long time will require bigger investments, and it can be hard to figure out what you should prioritise. Today’s blog post is on the five things I think you should put your money towards, as well as my reasons why I chose them.

Your bed and linens

Modern Luxe

Human beings spend a third of our lives in bed. Sleep is one of the best things that we can do for our body, but often we forget the fact that our beds and our linens should be the best quality we can get. Your mattress should be firm enough to support you without giving you any pain, which is where a lot of people go wrong.

You’ll need to replace your mattress every ten years, since it gets so much wear. Invest in a good quality mattress – opt for one that gives you 100 days to test it out before you can’t return it. Same goes for bed linens; cotton is the best fabric, and the best sheets come from Italy. Do your research before you purchase, and you’ll find yourself sleeping a lot better.

Your sofa

Coffee Table 00609

The sofa is a hub of the home – you relax there, you entertain there, you probably nap there as well. It’s worth putting a bit more money towards a sofa that you really enjoy, rather than going the cheaper route and selecting a less comfortable sofa that you’re only okay with.

You’ll have to consider what you use it for the most. There’s no point getting a big sink-in sectional if you only really entertain guests on it. The same goes for stuffy and structured sofas when you spend most of your time vegging out watching TV. I suggest buying in a neutral colour, and then adding accent colours with accessories. This will allow you to use the sofa for the longest amount of time, without getting tired of bright pink or dark green.

Bathroom and kitchen hardware

New Albany Ohio Kitchen Remodel

Your bathroom and kitchen hardware get used multiple times a day, so there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be investing in it. Find something that you truly love – there’s so many shapes and finishes that it won’t be too hard to find your ideal pieces. Don’t skimp on your cabinet and drawer pulls either. For such a little item they can make a huge impact!


Modern Kitchen

This is probably the one rule I like to stick to in design – layering your lighting! Never stick to just one source of light; your space will feel oddly lit and it may not be as functional as you were hoping. Add a pendant with a dimmer for ambient light, recessed lighting to help get rid of shadows, table lamps for atmosphere, and task lighting to help you get stuff done.

It’s worth consulting a professional when it comes to your lighting selections. They’ll be able to advise you on local building codes, lighting plans, the best kinds of fixtures, and may even be able to recommend an electrician to install everything for you. Leave this one to the professionals – playing with your lights can be dangerous!

Area rugs

The Boulevard

I hate carpets, but I love area rugs. They define areas in open spaces, offer comfort and warmth for your toes, and help to ground or accent the design of your room. I love plush area rugs for bedrooms, and lighter (but still squishy) ones for living spaces. It’s a great way to protect tile or hardwood floors, and it makes centring your room a lot easier.

Again, I recommend something neutral in a long-wearing fabric. You can choose a piece with colour, but it’ll be an expensive choice if you end up changing the accent shades in your room. If you have a really large space and nothing commercial will fit, you can get carpet material cut to size at a local carpeting store – they’ll even finish the edges for you.

My advice is to invest in the pieces that get the most use and will last the longest, and save on accessories and decor. That way, you aren’t spending too much money on an item that you may remove from the space several months later. A bonus item to splurge on would be a small air purifier, it keeps your spaces fresher and cleaner, and reduces the chance that mold and mildew will grow.


Featured image is via Alexander James Interiors.

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