30 Backsplashes That Are More Than Just Functional - Looking to change up your kitchen? It might be as simple as changing your backsplash for something beautiful!

30 Backsplashes That Are More Than Just Functional


It’s easy to forget that your kitchen backsplash is more than just a functional piece to keep your walls clean – it’s a major factor in the design of your entire kitchen. Personally, I prefer either clean slabs of marble, or simple and neutral tile, but there are so many different options. You can customise the material, the colour, the pattern, and even the texture. These 30 kitchens have nailed what a more-than-functional backsplash can mean.

The featured photo with the beautiful mosaic is actually one that I want to recreate in my dream home. I’d love to pair it with either a light grey or a marble subway tile. It’s up to you what kind of statement you’d like to make with your backsplash, but it’s definitely a place where you can inject a lot of personality into your home, so try a few things out and don’t be afraid to experiment!


Featured image is via Model Design Inc.


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