Elegant Fireplace and Mantel Styling - It's easy to get lost when you're styling a fireplace, even when you're trying for something simple and elegant.

Elegant Fireplace and Mantel Styling

Elegant Fireplace and Mantel Styling - It's easy to get lost when you're styling a fireplace, even when you're trying for something simple and elegant.

A lot of homes with fireplaces now have modern, flat wall units with no space for keeping decorations. I prefer more traditional mantel-style fireplaces. The elegant lines are so pretty, and it offers such a unique place for styling your decor. It can be easy to go overboard with items, and it can be hard to decide what you want to put on it. Today I’m sharing with you 20 ways you can style your mantel and fireplace to look glamorous and sophisticated!

Practice symmetry

If you have a lot of groups of twos in your room and you don’t want to ruin the pattern, make sure that any decor pieces you add to your fireplace are also in pairs. A trio can add some interest, but don’t add an extra piece if you like the look of twos.

Add a statement piece

A mirror, a sculpture, a piece of art; a statement piece can bring your attention to a more simple fireplace. It’s also a way to visually enlarge the room. You’ll be drawing the eye upwards, which can make the room seem taller.

Let your art do the talking

If you have a piece of art that you really want to display, don’t put anything else eye-catching on your mantel. You’ll be pulling attention away from the art. Keep any additional pieces muted. In this room, the vase is the same colour as the wall – I didn’t even notice it at first!

Play with heights

It’s really important to vary the scale of your items. Mixing pieces of different heights makes your items look more interesting, and like you’ve put effort into the styling. Candles and vases are the easiest way to achieve this, and you can also add in some tall flowers to mix with shorter pieces.

Showcase your awards

Even gathered in a small vignette like this, people will wander closer so they can look at what you’ve achieved. People like awards, and they look so pretty! You should be proud of the awards that you’ve won, so don’t be afraid to put a few on your mantel.

Vases always work

Vases are a great styling option, even when you don’t have anything in them. It’s easy to move them around, you can purchase them in unique shapes and sizes, and its simple enough to pop a couple of flowers or branches into them when you need to.

Contrast with colour

If you have a lot of one colour in your room, add in some accents in a contrasting colour. Pink and blue work, or you can go monochrome with black and white. Just be sure not to overload your space with variations; ground your bright colours with a few neutral pieces.

Simple and sleek uniformity

I love this grouping of candles. I’m definitely into more minimal and simple decor lately, and this one is really lovely. You can add a bit of colour with the vessel, and candles lit up add so much intimate lighting. It also doesn’t cover your TV, so you can watch without your attention flicking to your decor.

Try a modern/traditional mix

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that modern traditional mixes are my absolute favourite. Whether its furniture or decor, there’s just something about the mix that creates harmony and balance. Try putting modern artwork on a traditional fireplace!

Display a collection

If you have multiples of a similar item, use your mantel as a way to display them. These beautiful green pieces create flow, because your mind wants to look over all of them. Just be sure that your pieces aren’t too visually heavy on a smaller fireplace, because it can make the fireplace look even smaller.


Add plantlife

If you have a space on your mantel, use it to add in a plant. Whether it’s flowers, greenery, or magnolia branches, our minds love nature and the life that it brings to the space. Just be careful – the heat from the fire may wilt your flowers.

Use candles for a non-functional fireplace

If you have a faux fireplace, or it’s too warm to light an actual fire, use candles instead. The flames evoke the same intimate and cozy feeling, but without the hassle or warmth of a real fire.

Create balance

A simple way to figure out what your space needs is to create balance. One colourful piece should be balanced with neutrals, and pull colours from your space so that everything feel harmonious. If you have a furniture piece in a colour, but everything else is simple and neutral, use similar shades of the colour for your mantel decor!

Keep it minimal

Just because you have a fireplace, doesn’t mean you should crowd your mantel with things. Find a few simple pieces and add them. If you don’t like the way it looks, take some off. Use similar items – these pieces may be different shapes, but they’re the same colour.

Coordinate your colours

If you weren’t into the contrasting colours from earlier, try using the shades that are already present in the room. Creams and blues feature here, which keeps the fireplace decorated without it being overwhelming. It’s also fairly easy to figure out what colours go well together – simply put your decor next to your furniture and see how it looks.

Oversize your mirror

Fireplaces are all about creating light, so a mirror above adds that factor even when the fireplace isn’t lit. A massive mirror is such a statement piece and can look really great above a fireplace. Something decorative usually works, but if you’re not ready for a big showy piece, try a big simple piece instead.

Odd numbers are better

For some reason, our brains like groups of odd numbers. Maybe it’s because we like how it creates a bit of flow, maybe it’s because we’re an odd number ourselves and we connect to it. Who knows! Threes and fives always look really good together, which is why these three vases of cherry blossoms looks so lovely.

Add some drama

The black fireplace itself is dramatic enough, but I love the weird face sculpture. If you have something bold or weird, stick it on your fireplace. It’ll look more purposeful there than if you have it on a shelf with other items.

Clear it off

If you have decor already on your fireplace, get rid of it. Look at it with a fresh perspective. Maybe your styling problem was that you had too much. Add in some simple, minimal items like these candles and step back to see how it looks.


Keep it dressed in warm months

In the summer, it can look kind of strange to have a pile of logs in your fireplace. Use a screen or some candles (or both!) to keep your fireplace dressed during the warmer months. This is also a good option for faux fireplaces, and I love this particular piece with its little bling bits!

In the end, it’s all up to personal taste with how you style your fireplace. If you want to keep it minimal, add something minimal. If you want to add lots of picture frames, add lots of picture frames! The only real rule is that if you love it, it’ll work! Uh, unless you’re draping flammable items over where the fire can reach them. That probably won’t work.


Featured image is via The Design Co.

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