25 Beautiful Examples of How to Style your Bathroom Counters - Sometimes you're at a loss on how to arrange items on your vanity, but it's actually a lot simpler than you think!

25 Beautiful Examples of How to Style your Bathroom Counters


How do you like to style your bathroom counter? Are you a minimalist and like to keep the surface completely clean? Or do you use it as a bathroom dumping ground and end up with zero free space? There are so many ways to style your bathroom counter, and today I’ve gathered 25 images to give you some inspiration.

Personally, I like to keep as little as possible out on my counters, and I really focus on how it looks. I display products that have simple and beautiful packaging, and hide away items that are bulky or distracting. I also like to put out things I forget about doing, like my skincare items. If I don’t see them, I forget about washing my face every day.

My top tips are to keep products corralled in a tray, and to always balance something functional with something decorative. Consider bringing in a plant like an orchid, which thrives on damp and light environments. And remember to keep a package of baby wipes nearby to quickly clean off any spills or marks before they stain.


Feature image is via Tobi Fairley Interior Design.



2 thoughts on “25 Beautiful Examples of How to Style your Bathroom Counters

    • My family is of the other opinion, my bathroom counter is so cluttered! Sometimes I want to hide it all away and make them hunt for it.


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