Nightstand Inspiration and Styling - Most people have a nightstand, but styling can be difficult. Whether you prefer simple, or cluttered, here's 20 images to inspire you!

Nightstand Inspiration and Styling


Nightstands, or bedside tables, are one of the most versatile and handy items of furniture that you can have in your bedroom. Whether you opt for a floating shelf or using an entire lowboy dresser, it’s the perfect space to put your night time essentials. Most people have some form of nightstand, and here are 20 different ways you can style and organise yours!

Styling possibilities are practically endless. Use your nightstand to rotate in pops of colour, mix them up or match them, play with proportions, add a mirror behind them or opt for a mirrored piece, use a tone-on-tone piece to match your room or customise with trim and colours. I prefer to have a nightstand with storage – two drawers are optimal to store things like socks, snacks, headphones, and moisturisers. If you have a more open version without any drawers, reuse a gift box from a delivery to store things in (I love the Net-a-Porter boxes for this).


Featured image is via Jodie Rosen Design.



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