Designer of the Month: Parkwood Master Builders - Designer of the Month is a series where I feature some of the builders, architects, and interior designers that I admire!

Designer of the Month: Parkwood Master Builders


Parkwood Master Builders is a company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, and has some of the loveliest work that I’ve ever seen. Their mission is to focus on high-quality workmanship and dedicating time to truly making clients’ homes feel like them. Because of this, they¬†take on a smaller number of projects than competitors, in order to ensure that personal attention is paid!

Every one of the homes that I looked at features sophisticated and beautifully selected finishes. The craftsmanship is excellent and all of the homes look beautiful. I had so much trouble selecting just a few of their images to showcase, because there were so many to choose from!

Parkwood Master Builder seems to be really dedicated to making their client happy, which is something you really need to look for when choosing designers and contractors. They also include eco-friendly items in your build, to reduce environmental impact. Another thing they do is work with the community, so you know you’ll be working with a company that can be trusted.




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