Sneak Peak into my Bedroom Decoration Plans - I've been planning to decorate my bedroom in 2016, and decided to gather all my inspiration to share with you!

Sneak Peak into my Bedroom Decoration Plans

Sneak Peak into my Bedroom Decoration Plans – I’ve been planning to decorate my bedroom in 2016, and decided to gather all my inspiration to share with you!

I’m going to be honest with you: I hate my bedroom. It’s filled with mismatched furniture, it’s badly arranged, the walls need a fresh coat of paint and my carpet is hideous. As I continue with writing the House of Grace, I find myself getting more and more tired of my room. I’d love my room to reflect my own design style, and have it be a constant inspiration for me. That’s why I’ve decided to share with you the inspirations for my bedroom decoration!

The Design Brief

At the moment my room doesn’t have a lot of personality. It’s filled with cheap furniture pieces that I’ve gathered over the years, and a lot of it is damaged. I have deep burgundy curtains that are definitely not my style, and there’s detail work that really needs to be done like updating the trim and repainting the windowsill.

Unknown image source.

My key words when it comes to my bedroom are ‘elegant’, ‘neutral’, and ‘sophisticated’. My room needs to reflect who I am now and who I want to be. I need a bigger bed, even though the room is small. I’ve decided on a queen sized bed, even though it’ll take up the majority of the room. New dressers are a must, as are new doors and white paint. If I could switch out the flooring I would, but I have to work with what I can in a rental. I’m going to add in small luxe touches like mirrors and mixed metals as well.

The Inspiration

The Products


This is the Alden Tufted Wing Bed from RH Teen. I really love tufted furniture and the wingback style, so this bed is perfect for me. Since I can’t get the actual bed delivered to my country, I’m going to have to build it myself! I’ve never built a bed before, but since this is the bed that I truly want, I guess I’m going to have to learn.


Something I can have delivered is the Italian Hotel Satin Stitch Bedding, again from Restoration Hardware (you’ll sense a theme). Shown here in stone, this entire bedding collection has a simple elegance about it that I really love. With how simple it is, I can dress it up with colour or pattern if I want, and it won’t overpower anything in the room!


Another RH product that I want to get is this Exotic Faux Fur Bed Throw in Siberian Grey Fox. It looks incredibly plush and luxurious, and the variety of shades in the fur will help to add dimension to my room. I’ll probably switch it out with a more simple blanket depending on my mood, but I do really love this one.


One last RH product is their Brushed Cotton Twill Drapery in Fog. I’m not sure if these are the exact curtains I want, but I know I’d like to layer a plain soft grey curtain over a blackout blind. I haven’t decided between rod pocket or grommet yet, but I’m leaning towards the grommet style. I like the Estate Metal Antique Nickel collection for hardware, but it’s going to be a challenge since my window butts right up on the wall.


I’m definitely going white for the walls. I considered something more like San Antonio Grey or Grey Huskie from Benjamin Moore, but at the moment I’d like to lighten up the walls and white is perfect. Top left: All White No. 2005, Farrow & Ball. Top right: Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore. Bottom left: Great White No. 2006, Farrow & Ball. Bottom right: Decorators White, Benjamin Moore. They all look like fairly true whites when they’re on their own, I’ll just have to see how swatches look in my east-facing room.


I intend to purchase two of these IKEA Malm 3 drawer dressers from an import company here in New Zealand, and these will sit facing my bed. I’m going to hang a simple gallery wall above it, and keep my clothing, makeup, and various extra things stored in the drawers. I love how simple and clean it is, and I’ll definitely be getting a piece of glass to sit on top.


This is a very cute mirrored bedside unit from Noozi. I like that it will add a bit of light to my room with the reflective purposes, and I’ll be able to keep things close at hand. Noozi also has a three panel mirror that I like, plus this chic lamp, as well as a tallboy and lowboy that match the bedside unit – maybe I’ll swap the IKEA out for mirrored pieces one day!


I want a big leaning mirror like the Madelina Floor Mirror from Wayfair. I’d prop it up on the wall next to my wardrobe, and it would be perfect for seeing outfits. It would also reflect light into the rest of my room, since it’d be in the corner opposite both my door and my window.

There are a few other things that I’d like to get, such as a soft silvery rug, some floating shelves, smaller decorative pieces, and a ornately framed pin board for a vision board. I’m so excited to get started on the project, even if it takes me a long time to afford everything.

Right now I’m saving up to get my Malm dressers and for some organisation pieces for my wardrobe. I’m going to have to paint beforehand, and maybe add a cool wallpaper to the inside of my wardrobe as an added interest bit. I’m also going to paint my desk since it’s a birch veneer, and I’m going to add new drawer pulls in silver. I can’t wait to share my progress with you!


Featured image is via Lindsey Binz Home Company, and is the first inspirational image I found!




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