25 Stunning Kitchens to Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation - There are so many ways to design a kitchen, and countless different combinations to experiment with. Here are 25 designs that have flawless execution!

25 Stunning Kitchens to Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation


One fun thing that I’ve been doing lately is doing imaginary renovations to my current house. I’ve been making plans to redecorate my bedroom, and it became a habit to note down changes that I’d make to the house. Now that I have a whole list of things that I want to do, I’m going to create a design plan just for fun! Today I was focused on some of the changes I would make to the kitchen, and ended up on Houzz browsing the kitchens that other people have!

I love the layout and the cabinet style of this kitchen! I’d probably go for a gray tile backsplash instead of a brown.

The dining nook is my favourite part of this kitchen – the lights are amazing, but I’d be worried about bugs falling into them.

Kitchens definitely need lots of natural light! Mine gets light all day, and it’s great to be able to properly see colours instead of having them tinted from artificial light.

Stylish range hoods are definitely a trend that I’m loving. This matte black and polished stainless steel version is so gorgeous.

This kitchen is actually the same one from two photos above, but I like this angle just as much. It shows the under-the-island storage, and the neat little shelf over the oven.

Contrast is an amazing thing to play with. I love how it turned out in this kitchen. I probably wouldn’t go for something as intense as black, but navy, gold, and white work well together.

Can we have a moment to appreciate the beauty of Wolf appliances? So fancy and shiny! Plus the drawers and their handles are lovely.

This is probably my favourite colour scheme ever. And the giant fridge/freezer is incredible.

This is a really nice layout, and I like how there’s lots of space for working on. I spread out when I’m doing things, and my current kitchen definitely doesn’t have enough surfaces.

The flooring in this kitchen is lovely! I really like how the bar area has been separated from the kitchen area. It’s perfect for keeping guests in chat-range, where they can get their own drinks and not disturb your flow as you cook.

Skylights are the perfect solution for kitchens without a lot of wall space. It means that your light will shine down from above, and not from behind like in my kitchen.

This is an example of perfect harmony, a combination of traditional shapes and modern aspects to achieve balance. Modern traditional is my favourite interior style!

I really love the arched window in this kitchen. Being able to look outside while you work is a great thing, especially when you’re doing dishes.

Contemporary isn’t usually my style, but I feel like this kitchen would definitely suit me in a lighter colour scheme. I love informal dining spaces in kitchens, it means that you can have company while you work, or keep your laptop safe so you can listen to music.

This is a perfect example of how simple can be just as statement-making as bold. The mixed styles of marble is also a technique that I’m loving at the moment; it highlights how many ways one material can be used to create dimension.

Open plan spaces are becoming less popular, but I still like how they feel. It’s a family oriented style, and keeps living spaces airy and connected.

The only way I could love this kitchen more was if the cabinets were white. However, I still love it in the gray! This is a space I could see myself in on a daily basis – exactly what you want when it comes to design.

I’m in love with these huge minimal windows. I’ve said it before, natural light is so important to have in your home, especially in your kitchen. The light also helps to clean out bacteria and cooties that may be trying to find their home in your kitchen!

The thing I like most about this kitchen is how the shape of the light fixtures mimics the shape of the window. The other aspect I like is the use of the extra high ceiling gap for decorative pieces.

One of my weaknesses are mountain homes. I love the use of rustic woods and stone – it adds dimension without feeling engineered. Hopefully I will be able to own a winter mountain home one day.

I don’t really like colour in the kitchen. I’m definitely a die-hard white or gray kind of girl. However, this particular kitchen is able to carry the depth of the blue, and the shade blends in without punching you in the eyeballs.

Traditional kitchens always have beautiful architectural details, and that’s what I love about them. You can tell that time and effort went into planning and crafting all the tiny little details, and it gives the room a much more authentic feel.

On the other hand, contemporary kitchens can have stunning appliances without them looking out of place. I adore La Cornue appliances for their timeless style mixed with their bold experiments!

For an easy way to create harmony in your kitchen, use varying shades of the same colour. The slight differences in shade and texture create visual interest without feeling eclectic or jarring.

I put this Scandinavian style kitchen in this list purely for those beautiful sheer curtains over the massive window. It brings softness to an otherwise sterile and harsh place, and the curtains draw attention without being too stand-out.

There’s a lot of things to consider when planning your kitchen design. Flooring, cupboards, appliances, counters, handles, walls, lighting. Take your time to figure out what you love and how it will work together. If you’re renovating or doing a new build, I definitely suggest contacting a professional to help you out. That way you won’t have to worry too much about building codes or plumbing, you can just focus on picking the perfect tile!


Featured image is via Linda McDougald Design.



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    • I know how you feel! I like to imagine sitting at a table on my laptop while the smell of freshly baked cookies fills up the room :)


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