30 Sophisticated Masculine Room Designs - On the blog today I'm sharing 30 masculine spaces to prove that chic design isn't just for women.

30 Sophisticated Masculine Room Designs


I don’t often foray into the ‘masculine’ side of design. I much prefer lighter colours and softer fabrics. However, there are some designs that I really appreciate when it comes to spaces tailored more for men. I find that a lot of men tend to skip over putting too much effort into styling¬†their homes, opting for easy and functional over aesthetic. Masculine design focuses a lot on darker colours and natural materials such as wood and leather. Today is a showcase of why men should definitely invest time and money into making their space a well-designed sanctuary.

For masculine spaces, I like to keep everything minimal. Instead of piling up accessories, bring in visual interest with architectural light fixtures and decor items, and lots of texture. I also tend to avoid more cliche mens interest items such as sports paraphernalia, unless someone specifically asks for it. Often a simple space will speak more for itself than a room filled with knick-knacks and clutter. Of course, when designing a masculine space, keep to the golden rule: if you love it, it will work!


Header image is via Emc2 Interiors.



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