30 Window Seats That Add Storage & Style - Have a space that needs seating and sunshine? A window seat is the perfect way to add both of those!

30 Window Seats That Add Storage & Style


I’m a big fan of window seats. Not only do they add extra storage and seating, but they do it without detracting from the light and fresh air a window provides. They can be easily styled to match any interior, and are one of the most simple ways to add value to your home. My favourite places for window seats are in bedrooms, half-way up stair cases, and in casual dining areas!

It’s always nice to have somewhere to sit and read, or put on lotion, or even to nap in the sun. You can opt for a built-in version, or add a daybed right up against the window if you don’t want to make permanent changes. I love having a window seat on the staircase; it’s a good spot to take a break from climbing stairs, and a perfect spot to read while you wait for someone to come over – you’ll be able to see them arrive!


Header image is via Kwinter & Co.



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