30 Clever Storage and Organising Solutions - Freestanding? Built-in? Modular? Hidden? If you're in need of a storage solution, keep reading.

30 Clever Storage and Organising Solutions


Coming up with an organising and storage plan for your home can be difficult. Is it going to be hidden? Do you have to work with what you’ve got? Can you custom build something? How easy should access be? Before you freak out, remember that pretty much everyone has trouble initially. With a little bit of inspiration, maybe you’ll find the solution for your storage problems!

Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom cupboard or completely overhauling your kitchen, think carefully about the things you actually require. It’s easy to underestimate or go overboard with storage. Take your time to plan out your space and what you’re planning on storing in it. Don’t forget to find new places for things you’re moving out of it! And if you’re planning on altering your home, consult with a builder or an architect to make sure that you have a solid plan and won’t be doing unfixable damage.


Header image is via Reform inc.



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