25 Ways to Style Your Space with Art - One of the quickest ways to add style to a space is with well-selected artwork. However, finding the perfect piece for your space might take a little inspiration.

25 Ways to Style Your Space with Art


Figuring out how to place artwork in your space is generally more difficult than you might think. Not only do you have to find something you like, but it also has to be in the right size and work with the space that you’ve got. Today I’m sharing with you 25 spaces that have perfect art selections, as well as a bonus image for when you can’t find anything you like.

And a bonus for people who can’t find the perfect piece:

Whether you go for the bonus mural, collect some great pieces in a traditional gallery wall, or feature one striking piece prominently in your space, there is an art solution for you. I like to mix different kinds of art, placing paintings with sculptures, decorative pieces with framed photos, and larger pieces balanced with incredible furniture. However you style it, make sure you love it!


Header photo via Neiman Marcus.



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