40 Neutral Bedrooms Perfect for Relaxing In - If you're trying to create a relaxing space, or designing a room that won't be offensive to anyone, choose a neutral colour scheme. You can always dress it up with accents!

40 Neutral Bedrooms Perfect for Relaxing In


The design world is moving away from neutrals in favour of bolder and richer colours, but that isn’t to say neutral spaces don’t have a charm of their own. They tend to lean towards cozy and relaxing, a place where you feel safe to let down your walls.

A neutral scheme is perfect for a room that might change in the future, or when you’re just starting out decorating and you’re not sure what you like just yet. To help you out, I’m sharing 40 images of beautiful neutral bedrooms that I just want to curl up and nap in.

One of the main points I want to highlight when it comes to neutral rooms is that you don’t need to shy away from bringing in colour. Whether it’s a small dash of colour in a throw or pillow, a piece of art, or a muted shade used all over, colour can still be neutral. Some people think that neutral means only browns and greys, but I love using soft tone colours and bright pops in neutral spaces.

Remember that the best thing you can do for your space is to use only pieces that you like. For instance, don’t pick a ‘meh’ shade of beige for your walls because that’s what someone said the best neutral was. Do your research, pick up some paint chips from the store, and trial them out in your room. If you love something, that’s the right choice for you. Who knows – you might even stray out of neutral territory and find your own kind of style!


Header image is via Mark Ashbee Photography.



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