My Top 10 Favourite Design Trends of 2015 - Every year in interior design sees the rise of new styles and new ideas. On the blog, I'm sharing 10 of the trends I loved in 2015!

My Top 10 Favourite Design Trends of 2015


It’s always good to look back into the things that we’ve loved, and there’s always something in interior design trends that I’ve enjoyed. Some of the past trends aren’t my favourite, but there have been a few in 2015 that I really loved. From materials, accents, and colours, these are my top 10 favourite interior design trends of 2015.

Mixed metals

Definitely my favourite way to layer and create definition, the mixed metal trend really stood out in 2015. Luckily, it hasn’t become overdone yet, because there’s so many different ways to use it! With all the different options in metal, colour, finish, shape, style, it was an endless source of inspiration.

Touches of luxe

In the past, it’s almost felt like people were afraid to add something luxurious to their space. It was something reserved for the wealthy. However, in 2015, I saw a lot of interior spaces with luxe elements, and it really helped the spaces shine.

Modern farmhouse

I’m kind of a modern and minimalist type of designer, but farmhouses have always been a secret pleasure. When more modern farmhouse styles started to hit the scene, I was so happy! It combined my love of natural and rustic with my passion for crisp lines and clean definition.


For a very long time, wallpaper was considered kitschy. The word itself evoked images of cheap 70’s style hotel rooms, or tiny floral patterns at your grandma’s house. In 2015, there was a huge uprising in the wallpaper community, and people started to see just how valuable and beautiful wallpaper could be!

Black and white

Ah, the minimalist in me was so happy to have so much inspiration for black and white. In the face of constantly being told to “add more colour”, black and white let the contrast speak for itself. It’s a combination that can be bold, but it can also be gentle. You can balance it out equally, or you can feature one colour more than the other. Personally, I love to mix in shades of gray to help soften the harshness.

Statement lighting

Spaces that experimented with gorgeous statement lighting were heavily featured in a lot of interiors in 2015. A light fixture is more than something functional; it can also be an art piece in and of itself. I was really pleased to see that more homes were featuring unique and custom lighting solutions, rather than just sticking with something plain.


Marble is one of those timeless trends that probably won’t go out of style, but 2015 saw an absolute craze of it. So many different patterns and colours, mixed in so many different ways! People even started painting their nails in marble patterns. The beautiful smoky stone definitely deserved it’s spotlight last year.

Moody colours

I could not live in a space with moody colours. I like things to be crisp and neat, light and chic. However, deep jewel tones really stood out for me this year. I found myself loving near-black navy, purples so deep that you could only see them in certain lights, and even dark and dreamy greens!


Plantlife is another thing that isn’t a new trend, but it was definitely popular in 2015. People were adding in plants left, right, and center. From trailing ferns, to thorny cacti, to overwhelming fiddle leaf figs, plants could be found in nearly every home and space. I even have a bamboo in my kitchen!

Industrial details

I think my love of industrial is a nostalgic remnant of my sort-of-punk teenage years. Making a statement was kind of my thing, and industrial interiors certainly do that. Now that I’m older, I prefer a more streamlined and contemporary look, but I loved the trend of adding small industrial elements to modern spaces. Bringing in a simple stool or light fixture added a dash of personality that was refreshing to see.

There were so many more things in 2015 worth mentioning, but I ran out of time to research! Today, I’m admiring these past trends, hoping that some will continue on, and looking forward to all the new things that will rise in popularity this year!


Header image is via Modern Organic Interiors.



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