25 Reasons to Use Bold Colour in Your Home - Have you ever thought about going bold with colour in your home? Here's 25 reasons why you should try it out!

25 Reasons to Use Bold Colour in Your Home

25 Reasons to Use Bold Colour in Your Home - Have you ever thought about going bold with colour in your home? Here's 25 reasons why you should try it out!

Bold colour is not something that I regularly invest my time in. I am definitely more of a neutral person, and I like my interiors to have a crisp and tailored feel. But I can’t deny that a statement colour choice just works somehow. It adds a pop of life and excitement to a space. Whether you go all out, or stick to accessories, here’s 25 reasons (in image form!) to inspire you to use a daring colour in your own home.

When choosing colours, utilise a colour wheel. Colours that are next to each other, across from each other, or different shades of themselves work well when combined.

Go all out – paint the whole room a bright colour. If you hate it, you can always change it later!

Deeper, more saturated shades will help to balance brighter colours.

Bold doesn’t have to be neon; darker colours have just as much impact as brighter ones.

Choose something unexpected like this plum shade to give your space a pop of intrigue.

Rich hues will stand out more in a space with dark walls – let the jewel tones shine.

You can always balance a bold colour with lots of neutral. The colour will stand out without being too overwhelming.

A glass backsplash is a good way to invite colour into your kitchen, and I really like how the lights are the same shade.

If you’re unsure about going bold, try it out in a room you don’t spend a lot of time in.

Skip the walls and bring colour in with furniture and accessories. These are easy to switch around without too much effort.

An iconic shade will always bring to mind the thing that made it famous – this blue bedroom feels like a Tiffany box.

Mix accessories in similar shades to create a more layered look, and it will prevent your space from feeling like a catalogue advertisement.

Use lots of colour in nurseries – babies eyes are still developing, and the range of colours will help their brain develop.

Use a bold colour to make a feature – this eggplant wall makes the bathroom feel elegant.

Remember that a whole room painted in a bright colour can feel overwhelming, so you should choose a colour that you really like.

Accessories let you change out your colour scheme while letting the room remain neutral – this is good for rental homes, or if you’re trying to sell.

Paint isn’t your only option – wallpaper and tiles come in endless colours.

Pick a focal piece to base your colour scheme around, like this lampshade or art piece. Using the colours around the room will create harmony.

Kids rooms are great for using bright colours, but it can be tricky. For example: I had my dad paint my childhood bedroom bright pink, but when it was on the walls I absolutely hated it. Make sure to test it out first!

Pick a shade that’s between two main colours – like this blue-toned mint. Some people will see it more blue, and some will see it more green.

Don’t be afraid of pink – but don’t assign a gender to it. Use whatever colour you love no matter what society thinks you should like!

If you want a bold colour, but not a bright one, use gray. Trim it with white accessories and you’ll create a statement that is still hangover-friendly.

Sometimes a simple pop of colour works better than an all-over one. This is a good choice for children, so that the room can change with them as they grow.

Most colours will stand out nicely against white. This room would be perfect for a teenager – bright colours to encourage creativity and fun, but still sophisticated so they don’t feel like a child.

Paint something ugly in a cool colour. Even if you try to hide it, it’s still there. Why not make it a conversation starter?

I still prefer my minimal colour schemes, but I hope that I’ve proven to you that colour is definitely something worth trying. Start small with accessories, and build up to painting a whole room. A good trial option is to paint your ceiling – it gives the room interest without being something you have to look at!


Header image is via John David Edison Interior Design.


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