Vanity Area Inspiration - One of my main home decorating tasks for 2016 is putting together my vanity area! I'm going for a modern and glamorous feel, and on the blog I'm sharing some inspiration for the design.

Vanity Area Inspiration


One of the things I’m most looking forward to in 2016 is creating my vanity area. I love makeup, and it’s been a little dream of mine for a while to have a space in my room dedicated to playing dress up. My vanity itself will be made up of two MALM 3-drawer units, a plain white desktop over them with a space in between, a mirror suspended on the wall, and floating shelves on the wall.

Today I’m sharing some of the images that are my vanity styling inspiration!


I really love how super glam this little area is. Although the furniture I want isn’t mirrored, I’ll have the option to cover it in mirrors later on. I like the little Chanel logo rug as well! I want my vanity area to feel chic and glamorous and modern, the three key words I use to style my life.


This vanity keeps the surface super tidy, and has a cute clothing rack right next to it. It’s perfect for styling your outfits on, and you can make sure that your makeup doesn’t clash while you’re getting ready.


Another chic and glam space, featuring a lovely chair and a beautiful picture of Marilyn Monroe. Black and white is kind of my thing at the moment, and I like the idea of having a beauty inspiration image right where I’m getting ready. The fashion books are essential as well.


What kind of beauty lover would I be without the ever favoured acrylic storage? Although I’m not fond of storing makeup in direct sunlight, acrylic drawers are perfect for day-to-day essentials. I’d like to have one or two on top of my vanity; one to store my holy grail products, and the other to store new items that I’m still trying.


Organised storage is a must for me. I was a very messy child and teenager, but now that I’m an adult I like having places where everything goes. That way, I never lose anything important! The drawers of my vanity will have organisers in them so I can sort all my products into categories. Since one set of drawers will be used for clothing, the other set will be for makeup, hair, and extra things like skincare and tools.


Another super glam/luxury image for inspiration. I’m really into glamour and luxury at the moment, and I feel like this image captures the mood that I’m hoping to get for my vanity area. The flowers are a nice touch as well, and I’m liking the way that the tri-fold mirror looks.


I know I want a smaller┬ácomfy chair for my room, so one like this will end up floating between my vanity and my window (for reading in the sunlight). The fluffy rug is also something I’m thinking about. My cats would love eating it, but it would also feel soft and luxurious under my toes while I put on my makeup and do my hair.


Contrast! Another thing I’m planning on doing next year is painting my walls, and I like the idea of a grey. I’m leaning towards Gray Huskie by Benjamin Moore, but at the same time my room might not work well with a grey paint. My other option is to paint my walls white, but the contrast wouldn’t be so pretty then.


Since my vanity area will take up so much space, I’ll be able to install floating shelves above it. If I start at the shelf above the flats, then there will still be space to put art and acrylic storage underneath. Another thing I like about this image is the picture ledge for perfumes. I have to be careful with glass products because my cats like to explore.


Fashion and makeup related art is an essential for my vanity space. I can style it on my shelves and change it up whenever the season or my tastes change. Chanel related artwork is my favourite, I love the style of the products and so the art is tasteful as well. One day, maybe I can skip the art and style with actual Chanel products!


Another thing I can keep on my shelves is more acrylic storage with lip products or similar in them. I like the idea of having colourful or glamorous packaging on display. Makeup is an art form, and there are so many things you can do to decorate with it. Plus, if it’s on display then I’ll remember to use it!


If you haven’t gotten the idea by now, I’m a big fan of acrylic storage. This one is perfect because I don’t wear a lot of jewellery. I can keep my favourite pieces on display, and sort them by type or colour/metal. It also keeps them dust-free and out of the paws of my cats.


Don’t forget to check out my previous post on how I’d decorate a beauty room! It also features some good vanity inspiration, as well as more makeup storage ideas.

If anyone could tell me the source of the header image, I’d love to properly credit the owner! All images are available on my Pinterest, via my Wardrobes, Storage, Beauty Room and Vanity Area boards.



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