Woman of the Month - Carly Cristman

Woman of the Month: Carly Cristman

Woman of the Month - Carly Cristman

Carly Cristman is a blogger and vlogger, with some of the most chic and lovely outfits that I’ve seen in the internet world. I’m in love with all of her style posts, and she also does home and lifestyle stuff as well! She’s got a good talent for interior design, and I aspire to create a career like hers.

Carly launched her YouTube channel in 2010, and since then has gained nearly 300,000 subscribers and almost 20 million views! She also runs a blog that I adore. She only posts a couple of times a month, but each post and video is filled with incredible content.

This is one of my favourite videos:

You should definitely check her out of you love chic and modern style with a splash of glitz!

You can find Carly here: youtube, blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest.




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