30 Different Styles of Bathroom Windows - When it comes to designing a bathroom, your windows play a major part. Today on the blog is a collection of 30 beautiful different styles of windows to help you narrow down your choice!

30 Different Styles of Bathroom Windows

30 Different Styles of Bathroom Windows - When it comes to designing a bathroom, your windows play a major part. Today on the blog is a collection of 30 beautiful different styles of windows to help you narrow down your choice!

A well designed bathroom always has great windows. Whether they’re frosted for privacy, or floor-to-ceiling to take advantage of a view, the perfect window takes a lot of thought to find. There are so many different kinds that work well in a bathroom, and it all depends on what you want and need. Today’s post is a collection of different styles of windows – hopefully you’ll be able to find inspiration for your own bathroom!

I love the juxtaposition of traditional and modern in this bathroom. The round window and minimal colours help to highlight the beauty of the outdoors and of the tub.

A tall and narrow window is good for bathrooms in tall apartment buildings. It provides light, fresh air, but it’s also safe because you can’t fall out. It also mimics the other shapes in the room, adding architectural repetition.

Expansive bathrooms deserve stunning windows! The curved top of the window is a subtle contrast to the straight lines of the rest of the room, which helps it stand out even more than the beautiful frosted glass.

This contemporary bathroom is filled with light from the huge windows. A good trick is to mount your mirrors in front of your windows – this will provide the best lighting for doing your makeup or for shaving.

A soaking tub in front of a bay window allows you to enjoy the view while relaxing in a warm tub. The more traditional style of these windows looks beautiful.

A half frosted picture window wall is a great option for a contemporary space. Privacy is maintained, but it still invites in light and allows you to see your incredible view.

The smaller window in this bathroom provides ventilation, and the larger one provides interest. It takes advantage of the height of the room, lets the owners use the wall space for storage, while still allowing plenty of light to enter.

I chose this image because of how awesome the window is. Contemporary architecture is very unique, and the way that this window flows from the floor and up over the ceiling is beautiful. The view of the blue sky seems endless!

Another corner window, this one taking up two walls. This is a style of window that will require plenty of privacy and a good view, but would be wonderful to sit by and admire at night.

The traditional shape of these windows is stunning, and the mix of modern and traditional elements creates unexpected harmony.

If you’re lacking in space or privacy, a skylight is going to be your best option. This one is complimented by the narrow horizontal window in the shower.

The upper windows in this bathroom remind me of transom windows. The style lets the mirror take pride of place, and brings in that important natural light. The grid also ties into the top half of the larger windows. This bathroom is very moody and elegant, and the style of windows is a perfect choice.

This is a beautiful tropical bathroom that brings to mind relaxing vacations by the beach. Although not technically the subject of this post, I’d like to mention the beautiful tables. They appear to be gold-edged marble on chrome stands – probably easy enough to DIY!

This window echoes the minimal feel of the rest of the bathroom, but the diamond grid adds interest. It’s still very clean and crisp, and means that decorating will be easy to match.

This bathroom uses the large window to invite nature into the room. It will almost feel like you’re showering outdoors.

I really like windows inside of showers, and this picture has been one of my favourites for quite a while. I love flinging open the window when I’m done showering to let in the fresh air, although my own window only opens a tiny bit and it faces a shared driveway! #awkward

A window seat is another interesting way to use a window in a bathroom. It would be a great place to sit after a shower, with the window wide open, to moisturise your legs and cool off.

A linear or horizontal window will help to lengthen your perspective of the space. If you’re lacking in wall space, a window placed higher up allows you to have both the window and a mirror over your vanity.

This is a cool skylight configuration, perfect for a home that can be seen into by neighbours. It will also provide light for a longer time as the sun passes over your home.

If privacy really is an issue, this window is an excellent and very unique choice. It takes advantage of the private courtyard while still providing tons of natural light, and there’s no risk of neighbours getting a peek inside.

I really like how the windows around the bathtub take up three walls. It’ll give the feeling of being almost outside. I also like the choice of the matching window over the vanity. The smaller grids look really nice and compliment the larger grids of the windows surrounding the bath.

I’m not sure why anyone would need a shower that opens up onto a deck, but I suppose it could be good for showering after you’ve been swimming. This is definitely a window set up that either requires lots of privacy, or no concern for it!

Another picture window, this one looking out over a beautiful vineyard in Niagara, Canada. Picture windows are probably one of my favourites for bathrooms, to let in the most natural light and to take advantage of stunning views.

More large picture windows, but this bathroom also has a low frosted window by the bathtub. You can break a lot more rules in modern architecture. Adding oddly placed windows will work in these types of spaces, because it’s still developing. I also love the view from this bathroom.

Again, a large picture window. It’s getting kind of obvious just how much I love them. I think it’s important not only for the light, but to help you feel connected to nature. Being able to see the outdoors lets you pretend that you’re bathing in a waterfall!

I’m not even sorry for including more huge windows with cool views. I would love to have this bathroom, especially when it’s raining. The view would be incredible!

Mediterranean architecture is one of my favourite styles, and these stunning windows highlight the beautiful view of the outdoors. The arched window mimics the arch of the ceiling, and it gives the room the romantic atmosphere that’s prominent in European styles of architecture.

Naturally, I had to include something from my favourite colour scheme in this post. The thick black frames of the window in this bathroom help it stand out and highlight the view. It makes the space feel even more modern than it already is.

One of the toughest window decisions to make is for attic spaces. These ones are a mix of slanted windows and skylights. The view of the night sky must be amazing from this room.

This is a great option for a window if you also need dual vanities. It provides light, and the space underneath gives you a place to style your toiletries. It’s also a perfect spot for the orchid, which is a plant that thrives in damp environments with lots of natural light.

When I work on the design for my dream house, my master bathroom has a big picture window by the tub so that I can relax and stare outside. Natural lighting is very important in bathrooms, especially if it’s where you do your hair and makeup. Just remember, your bathroom window doesn’t have to exactly match the rest of the windows in your house. Use the space to make a statement with a feature window.


Header image is by Driggs Designs.

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