Room Roundup: 25 Gorgeous Dining Rooms - Is your dining space feeling a bit bland and boring? Today's post is a collection of beautifully designed dining rooms that you can take inspiration from!

Room Roundup: 25 Gorgeous Dining Rooms


Room Roundup: 25 Gorgeous Dining Rooms - Is your dining space feeling a bit bland and boring? Today's post is a collection of beautifully designed dining rooms that you can take inspiration from!

I love a well designed dining space. Whether you’re dressing it up for a party, or you’re keeping it simple for everyday, you should take the time to style your dining room. It’s a place where you can gather with family and friends, or a place to sit in peace for work. Formal dining rooms are becoming a thing of the past; in modern times, we love to create spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. However, you should take the time to create a truly beautiful room – one that makes you happy to be in no matter what you’re using it for.

I have a thing about square dishes, and using simple white ones will compliment pretty much any theme you come up with. They work beautifully with the natural aspects of this dining set.

Vary the heights of your objects when you’re styling, and you’ll create more of an aesthetically pleasing vignette. Your dining table is a great place to create visual displays when you’re not using it for meals.

I love how simple and classic this dining room is. Especially that light fixture! It’s absolutely stunning, and because it matches the decor scheme, it doesn’t completely overwhelm the space.

This is perfect for more spartan and rustic decor styles. Use woven baskets to transport napkins or bread rolls, and I adore the soup tureen planter.

If you like minimal spaces, use just the tiniest pop of colour. It draws your attention to the space, and then you can appreciate the beautiful chairs and table.

This is a space that I can easily see being used as a work space as well. Round tables promote flow of conversation, and the room is neutral to keep the focus on the people. I also love that incredible light fixture!

I love this modern chandelier – it perfectly compliments the more traditional dining room. High wainscoting, the beautiful wooden table, and the comfortable looking chairs lend an air of inviting sophistication.

The blue napkins really stand out in this dining space, and they help the comfy accent pillows blend into the space. I also love the addition of the daisies. Simple flowers can make a statement too!

This dining room is muted and refined, and I absolutely adore it. The cool tones bring that touch of sophistication, and the greenery adds interest without being overwhelming. The pendant and the sconces are also stunning.

If you host dinner parties fairly often, but want to keep your table nice and tidy, a tray is the perfect option. It allows you to have things corralled but within reach, and you can easily remove it from the table if you need it for another purpose.

The mirrored ceiling in this dining room is such an unusual addition, but looks really lovely. Another thing that I like is the fact that the napkins are the same colour as the blue in the painting, which helps to create a more harmonious theme.

In this room, the glass and mirrored elements compliment the bold black and white wall colours without detracting from them. It’s stylish, modern, and the entire room makes a statement. The reflective surfaces will also help to reduce any darkness that could be created.

Structural, minimal, and symmetrical are the three words I’d use to describe this stunning contemporary dining room. The use of the flowers almost makes it look like an art piece! This room shows that you don’t need to go over the top to create a stylish dining space – minimal works.

From modern to traditional! The furnishings in this dining room were chosen carefully to highlight and honour the Victorian architecture of the space. The ceiling height is phenomenal, and the fabric on the chairs shows personality without switching genres.

This is a brilliant example of the modern farmhouse genre that’s emerging. I especially love the huge armoire, that you can use to store items as well as display them. The bench seats are also an interesting piece, and definitely a conversation starter.

That centrepiece is beautiful, and it’s a great piece to tie together all of the different elements in this room. I also love the use of the lemons in cloches – what an interesting (and affordable) decor choice.

This is a very neutral room, and would be perfect to highlight views of the outdoors. The easiest way to make sure a room feels harmonious is to choose shades of one colour. You’ll create a simple and flexible base, as well as a simple backdrop for any statement pieces.

This dining room is dramatic, and has so many statement pieces that it’s almost overwhelming! This kind of style is best suited to someone who likes eclectic and bold spaces. To tone it down a little, I’d forgo the wallpaper, and probably put a rug down to help lighten the room. But if you like daring and out-of-the-box, this may be the dining room for you!

I love the use of the frosted mixed metals on this dining table. It creates such a beautiful display, and it helps to tie in all the other bold elements of the room. The busy wallpaper, the sculptural light fixture, and the black ceiling, are all grounded by the simple and neutral vessels.

You can probably tell why I love this dining room! Traditional without being outdated, the stunning French Empire chandelier, the little bouquets of hydrangeas. This room is tasteful, but still has enough personality to really attract interest.

This window seat is such a unique choice for seating at a dining table, but it works really well. This is a contemporary coastal space, and the window seat highlights the view of the greenery outside while still being functional. You can always pull the table away to make use of the window seat by itself as well.

Live edge tables will always be one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that I’ve ever seen. It honours the tree that the table was made from, and it’s a piece that I like to call a ‘quiet statement’. The chandelier ties in with the room, and the warm whites make the space feel intimate and comfortable.

The piece I like most about this room is (you guessed it) the light fixture. I love that there are longer light fixtures that work beautifully over dining tables. Sometimes a single pendant light can look just a tiny bit too small and it completely throws off the room. This light, however, compliments the shape and size of the table, and is so pretty and sparkly.

Personally, I wouldn’t have a space as dark as this in my home, but I still think it’s one of the most gorgeous dining rooms in this entire post. It’s so luxurious and elegant, and the moody hues work well together and with the metallic of the vase.

This dining room has lived in my dream home moodboards since the first time I saw it. It’s modern enough to be used as a proper dining space, yet stylish enough to sit at and work. It’s also a great solution for smaller spaces – the glass table reduces visual impact, but theres still enough space for four people to sit and eat. The branches and blossoms are a natural architectural piece that provides the perfect decor.

A fun fact about my home: I don’t own a dining table. We used to have one that we never used, and we gave it to a family friend to make way for a bed for my brother and a scratching post for our cats. In my dream home, I intend to have a small dining table and chairs on the upstairs floor to sit at and have breakfast, or to work quietly with snacks.


Header image is by Charlie & Co. Design and is a beautiful contemporary space, with Oriental aspects.

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