Curb Appeal: 20 Garages Worth a Second Glance - Your garage is one of the first things people will notice when they come to your home, and they're going to make assumptions based off of it. Creating curb appeal for your garage can be a daunting task, so that's why I gathered images of 20 stunning garages, along with an explanation as to why I love them.

Curb Appeal: 20 Garages Worth a Second Glance

Curb Appeal: 20 Garages Worth a Second Glance - Your garage is one of the first things people will notice when they come to your home, and they're going to make assumptions based off of it. Creating curb appeal for your garage can be a daunting task, so that's why I gathered images of 20 stunning garages, along with an explanation as to why I love them.

A phrase that gets tossed around a lot in design is ‘curb appeal’. Curb appeal is what makes your house look inviting from the road. If your home is shabby or ill-maintained, people are going to be turned off by it and your homes first impression is going to stick in their minds. Curb appeal is an extremely important factor, especially when attempting to sell your home. Today’s post is going to be a showcase of beautiful garages – much more appealing than your typical builders-grade one.

This is actually the extension of the garage in the header image, and my absolute favourite of all time. I really like how all the elements come together: the architectural style, the colour scheme, the ivy. Traditional doesn’t have to mean outdated.

Mediterannean architecture is one of my favourites, and the reason is all the incredible detail that goes into it. Despite the archways and window framing being different shapes, it feels very harmonious. It’s a minimal style, but it makes such an impact.

This garage is farmhouse meets modern. The architectural style is more traditional, but the details of the black lacquered doors and the modern light fixtures keep it from feeling outdated. I also highly recommend checking out the other images of this house, you’ll see that the garage ties in perfectly with the home.

This garage blends in so nicely with the environment. Like the name ‘Storybook’ suggests, it brings to mind images of fairytales and old-world charm. Use your exterior to tell a story – people will be so curious that they’ll need to explore.

This is another storybook-esque garage, tucked neatly away in a peaceful spot. One of the most important things when building a garage is to make sure it suits the space around it. If the environment and the garage don’t suit each other, it will be uncomfortable to look at.

PS: When I was gathering images for this post, I accidentally included three different shots of this garage – shows how much I love it!

I am a huge fan of the modern farmhouse trend, but something like this is hard to pull off. If they hadn’t used a similarly coloured gravel for the driveway, the house would stand out like a sore thumb. Make sure to keep your exterior grounded by using natural materials and colours.

This Victorian garage is absolutely charming. For an exterior to truly have curb appeal, it has to invite the viewer to imagine themselves in the space. I can picture myself driving up in the snow, and having those beautiful wooden doors open to let the warm light out.

In a twist from the previous garage, this is a contemporary space using lots of mixed materials. This is a kind of garage that needs a very specific kind of neighbourhood, otherwise it will look peculiar and jarring. Having said that, I love how creatively the materials were used, and somehow it manages to work.

Another contemporary space, featuring a minimal and almost undetectable garage door. Your garage should match your home – with all of the flat and blank surfaces, anything different could have looked quite odd. Even a frosted glass door would have been out of place. Sometimes simple and completely unadorned is the best option.

I like how cute this little cottage shaped garage is. Although it’s not in the exact same exterior format as the home, the use of the same materials keeps the property looking nice and tidy. The rich dark wood doors are a beautiful addition, and well suited to the traditional style of the architecture.

We all know how much I love formal French architecture, and this house is no different. The garage is minimal and almost disappears visually, and the colour ties both the stone of the house and the stone of the driveway together. It manages to be both stately and understated at the same time. A stunning garage – but not one that detracts or overshadows the beauty of the house.

This is definitely not the kind of space that I usually like, but I do really love the mix of the woods and the metal. It feels a little rough, but still complete. The focus of this design was the landscape, so using natural materials stops the garage from being the main feature. The metal and darker wood make it a bit more polished and just interesting enough for the second look.

I like how the framing of the garage matches the framing of all the windows in this image. Craftsman homes always bring to mind images of families playing in the front yard (the lovely white fence probably helps with that). Using white will help your garage look crisp and clean, and keep to the simple yet refined feel of the Craftsman style.

To me, this garage looks like an almost completely different space to the home. For a while I was undecided whether they both belonged to the same property, or if that was the only angle the photographer could get! But they are the same, and the design has ended up with the garage as the show stopping feature. If your house lacks a lot of visual interest, try adding something attention grabbing to your garage. The glass door, or the thin panels of wood, or even both!

I feel like this house may have been converted from a stable, and that just lends to it’s charm. Traditional architecture works very hard to be in harmony with it’s surroundings. The white framing and the stonework are the parts that I love the best about this garage; the highly defined lines both contrast and compliment the more rustic style of the shingles.

The dark blue doors of this gorgeous garage stand out perfectly against the neutral colours of the other materials. It would definitely take someone of a particular personality to live with this garage every day, but it’s timeless and absolutely stunning. What attracts me the most is the doors and windows. People usually find symmetrical spaces the most subconsciously appealing, and we like things in threes because it’s the smallest amount possible to create a pattern, and pattern creates harmony.

I found it difficult to put into words why I love this space. Despite a minimal design, the contrast of the beige siding and those incredible dark wood doors is striking. This shows that you don’t need a lot to make a statement, use one neutral aspect to highlight an absolutely stunning one.

In a home with a lot of open glass, these clear glass garage doors are the perfect choice. It compliments the design so nicely, and lets you showcase your beautiful cars. This garage just adds to the light and open feel of the exterior, and it’s a good match for the other simple surfaces.

This is a garage similar to a few other images from earlier in this post. I can’t help it! I love stone exteriors and natural materials. It feels so quaint and peaceful. The materials themselves create the curb appeal – no super fancy accents needed.

This is a Gambrel style home, which is a refined and traditional style that works really well with the splash of lacquer on the garage doors. Black is a good colour to experiment with, because it covers imperfections and adds a touch of glamour. Black also can disappear visually when you don’t focus on it, so you can be in awe of the garage and the house without being distracted by the other.

My two top tips for creating curb appeal for your garage: make sure that your garage matches the style of your home, and that it fits in nicely with your neighbourhood. Not far from my house is a two story contemporary house, nestled in with little villa style homes that have been around since our town was founded. Cambridge is a very boutique town, and we have some absolutely stunning old homes that suit the vibe we have going. This behemoth of a modern home completely jars with the entire neighbourhood – and it sits on a high-traffic corner.


Header image is by Jauregui. You can see another of their properties featured on the blog here: Jauregui ‘Italian Elegance’ Project..

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