Island State: Beach House Inspiration - With the weather getting warmer, and days getting longer and sunnier, I'm craving time by the beach. Today I'm sharing some inspiration for my dream beach house.

Island State: Beach House Inspiration

Island State: Beach House Inspiration - With the weather getting warmer, and days getting longer and sunnier, I'm craving time by the beach. Today I'm sharing some inspiration for my dream beach house.

I’m not sure what I like better – the vibrant blues of the Mediterranean and Caribbean, or the softer colours of the Pacific ocean. The beach is one of my absolute favourite places in the entire world, and having a holiday home by the ocean would be incredible. The sound of waves crashing and the smell of salt make me so relaxed, and the ocean is such a beautiful thing to watch. Today’s post is a collection of images that inspire me when it comes to designing my ultimate dream beach house.

I love the planked ceiling, and the cool colour palette in this open kitchen.

Lots of comfy seating is a must, and that driftwood beam crossing the ceiling is such a unique touch.

I’d definitely incorporate navy and gold into the colour scheme to help the house from feeling overwhelmingly airy.

These massive windows frame such a gorgeous view – I might have to put them in the master bedroom!

I really love the natural materials and colours in this dining room. Coastal interiors need those elements to help ground the decor.

This is a really lovely kitchen space, and I can just picture myself snuggled up in the dining nook eating my breakfast.

Private balconies are one of my all-time favourite things, so of course I’ll have them in my beach house!

This super casual open plan layout is really nice, and there are beautiful views from each window. You can have everyone in the same room, but doing their own thing.

Again, a private balcony is essential, and this one has such a lovely view. The transom window is another good option, so that I can wake up with the sun, but without it heating the room up too much.

I love how serene this bathtub space is. The soft white and muted blue paints make the space feel so relaxing and calm, perfect after a long day on the beach.

This image has so many great things: a big deck and yard, a telescope, and the nautical accessories on the bench seat. It would be such a lovely spot to sit and overlook everyone outside playing.

The table is even set for breakfast! I’d probably always have breakfast outside with my family if I had this kind of set up.

I love pretty much everything about this space, but those windows are gorgeous. The minimal bars mean that you can see more of the beautiful view outside.

Turks and Caicos have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the colours are incredible. Even if my beach house was somewhere else, I’d incorporate some of the vibrant blues into my colour scheme.

I love this little platform by the pool, it would be a perfect spot to catch your breath while swimming. You’d definitely need a spot to put up some shade though – sun protection is important!

Imagine waking up to that view every morning? Forget what I said about that other window wall, this is the one going in my master suite.

I adore this cute exterior! Can’t you just imagine stepping out your front door, crossing the road, and being at the beach? There’s even a little spot out front to sit and catch up with neighbours.

This would be perfect as a sleeping porch for the nights that get too hot to sleep inside. It would also be great for day time naps in the shade and fresh air.

I want a sun lounger so badly. I asked for one last Christmas, but I didn’t get one. I’d love to have these by the pool at my beach house, so that I can relax with friends.

Another cute kitchen, but this one with a balcony view of the water! Those french doors would be amazing to have open when you’re cooking on a hot night.

Infinity pool? Yes please!¬†Infinity pools are beautiful, and always look so nice by the water. Plus, when you’re swimming in it, you can pretend you’re swimming in the actual ocean.

This fire pit is so cool, and I definitely need one at my beach house. I’d chill out there every night, roasting smore’s and cuddling up in a soft blanket.

I have no words to describe how lovely this space is, and how badly I want to be there right this minute!

I’d probably use this as a guest room, but the corner windows are magnificent. Whether open or closed, you’ll get a stunning view.

This would be the spot that I’d curl up and read a book on days where I’m not feeling like going outside. I’d still get the sunshine and the view, but I could relax in peace.

Another beautiful bedroom, and I especially love the rug that echoes softer ocean colours.

Here’s that shade I mentioned earlier. Plus with such a flat surface, you can eat your lunch sitting outside by the pool.

A bunk room is another essential for my beach house, whether it gets used by family members or if I decide to rent out the property when I’m not using it.

This is another beautiful exterior, and I love the outdoor space and the fence. It feels almost south-western.

And to finish the post off, an image you can use to imagine yourself sitting here, drink in hand, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

I love to mix all kinds of nautical greens and blues with natural shades like whites and browns. Something about the combination is both soothing and refreshing, and invites you to kick off your shoes and get comfortable. For now, my ultimate beach home is just a dream Рbut one day, it will be a reality!


Header image is of a beautiful grand suite by Tim Clarke, photos by Carolyn Reyes, that you definitely need to check out.


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