How to Create a Display in Your Wardrobe - One of the best things about a good sized closet space is the ability to craft little vignettes out of clothing and accessories. Just like artwork, you should display your beloved pieces so that you can always be inspired by them.

How to Create a Display in Your Wardrobe

How to Create a Display in Your Wardrobe - One of the best things about a good sized closet space is the ability to craft little vignettes out of clothing and accessories. Just like artwork, you should display your beloved pieces so that you can always be inspired by them.

Have you ever considered using items from your wardrobe as decor for your wardrobe? We treasure clothing, shoes, and accessories, but too often they’re left in drawers or stuffed in overflowing closets, and we forget all about them. For the fashion-minded, or anyone who loves to create cool displays out of their belongings, today’s post is for you. I’ll be sharing some tips on how to display pieces from your wardrobe, and how to style them.

This is a perfect showcase for shoes. If you have a lot of shoes and you’re finding yourself turning one back to front just to fit everything in, consider putting some shoes into storage and clearing up the clutter. Having space for your shoes is not only better visually, but it also prevents damage to your shoes from being wedged together. I love the two rows of gorgeous blue boxes on the top, but if you are dedicated to a shoe-wall, keep a small step stool or install a rolling ladder so that you can reach the top pairs.

Glass-topped islands are a great way to display your jewellery without getting dust on them. And those little neck-shaped jewellery holders are perfect for showing off statement pieces, daily items, or delicate things that might get tangled. However, for me the selling point of this wardrobe is the sunglasses display. As someone who wears sunglasses almost every day, I’d love to have a place to store them where I can easily choose which pair I want to wear.

These display shelves appear to be lit by track lighting along the front sides of each section. Glass shelves help to reduce visual impact, as well as ensure that all your items are properly lit. Glass doors are another great option for display spaces; your dusting time will be massively reduced, and your items will be protected from fluff, dirt, and potential grabby fingers. The time it takes to polish the glass every now and then will be worth it.

This simple space atop a set of drawers is perfect for displaying jewellery or perfume. With the large mirror, you could also keep some of your daily makeup items in a vanity tray. Surfaces like these ones are often overlooked in favour of more hanging space, but they can be a very valuable style tool. Add hooks on the front of the walls to hang your clothing on, and then you can easily choose which accessories you want to pair with your outfit.

Shelf dividers are an amazing invention, and something you should consider if you have a lot of small purses. They keep each item protected from scuffs, and less structured pieces will be held up more securely. It’s like a filing system for clutches! For a space like this, I would keep a mix of my most beautiful pieces as well as ones that I reach for often. Keeping them together will mean that you’ll use your special pieces more often. Opt for removable dividers so that you can easily rearrange your wardrobe.

love the styling on top of this wardrobe island. The use of the marble busts to display jewellery is so chic, and something I’ve wanted to do for ages. I also adore the vanity tray with the beautiful matching accessories on top. Pop a couple of pretty storage boxes in a vanity tray, and keep things like earrings or an outfit inspiration notebook in them. You’ll keep things nice and tidy, and the boxes can be easily moved around.

This is an image that I’ve featured before in my room-sized wardrobes post. I chose it specifically for the display styling! This room has so many places to display items that it’s a little bit crazy. The minimal vignettes on the island surfaces are stunning, and a perfect example of ‘a little goes a long way’. You don’t need to crowd your surfaces in order to create displays. Pick some of your most favourite and statement pieces to have out on display, so that you’re never overwhelmed by the space.

Although shoe boxes aren’t something that you commonly put on display, I love this small shelving unit of coordinated boxes. This is perfect for people who are worried about UV rays or dust damaging their shoes. Using matching boxes is key here – the original boxes will be in a bunch of different sizes and colours, which can look chaotic and messy. These plain white boxes have a simple bookplate on the front with a small image of the shoe inside – you’ll never lose a pair, and your expensive (or maybe ugly but comfy) shoes are kept safe and sound.

This is not an actual wardrobe, but it’s beautiful. Monotone wardrobes are on trend lately, and if you’re someone who wears a lot of the same colours, you should use those pieces to turn your entire wardrobe into a display space. Capsule wardrobes would look stunning set up like this, and it takes advantage of larger closet areas while still remaining minimalist. White space is as important in your wardrobe as it is in other areas of your home. Your clothing will stand out easier in the bigger space, and it’s relaxing to look at your wardrobe and know exactly what pieces you have.

Adding a trifold mirror to a surface in a wardrobe turns a table into a display. Even if you just left the surface empty except for the mirror and a tray for earrings and rings, you’ll be creating light and dimension. For something like this, I’d drape a cool necklace over one side of the mirror, add a vase of tulips or hydrangeas, and put a little jewellery tray in front to take off my small bits of jewellery after a long day. I love this DIY tray featured on Lulu*s!

Take advantage of beautiful bay windows by installing a storage and display bench. Not only can you sit on it to enjoy your view while you put on your shoes, but it’s a perfect surface for displaying your larger structured handbags. The sunlight will shine on them and backlight the handbags, and you can even put decorative boxes in the slots underneath. (PS: can you tell I picked this image mostly for the view??)

This is another image that I’ve featured before, but it’s so stunning that I’m not guilty about sharing it again. Adding mirrors to the back of your shelves will bounce light, as well as create the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is. The styling of these shelves is minimal and uncluttered (which we all know that I love) and the mirrors help to showcase each beautiful item. There is also recessed lighting on the underneath of the shelves, so that no matter what lighting you’re in, you can appreciate your pieces.

One of the easiest ways to display incredible items in your wardrobe is with a dress form or mannequin. You can style potential outfits on it, stick pins in to hang your jewellery off of, or even just keep your most valued piece on constant display (it won’t get any wrinkles or creases). Dress forms are easy to get, and you can even DIY one for yourself. You can position it wherever you like, and move it when you get annoyed. Just make sure that it’s properly balanced, or everything will come crashing down.

I love to use cloches for displays in modern areas. They protect your items from dust and dirt, and have that elegant old-world charm. Cloches came back into popularity recently, and are perfect for displaying your sparkliest jewellery. If you’re not sure how to use a cloche, a quick tip is to glue a little toy animal (spray painted in your favourite colour) to the bottom of the tray. Add your favourite rings and earrings, and place the glass dome over the top. Quick, accessible, and gorgeous!

If you have closets with solid doors, then take a corner of space and suspend something interesting to hang your clothing off of. Whether it’s a branch, a copper pipe, a ladder, or even the base of an old floor lamp, you can create unique and stunning displays by simply hanging your favourite pieces off of your odd rail. There’s just something about having favourite clothing on display that just makes my fashionista heart pitter-patter.

If you have doors in your wardrobe, consider framing them with shelves and a surface on top of a drawer unit. These places often don’t get very much light, and it’s easy to install under-mount lighting on your shelves. Display your favourite jewellery, decorative storage boxes, fashion and beauty books, or interesting sculptural pieces. If you’re like me, these shelves might be the perfect place to keep your tiara collection!

Cap the end of your shelves with another set of shelves rather than leaving them blank. You’ll add storage space while creating an area to display some of your favourite items. When you’re in a rush, you won’t have to duck down into each little corridor to find the right pair of shoes – they’ll be on the end, displayed prettily in a glass-front cabinet. You could also simply add full length mirrors here, if space is an issue. Or combine the both – a cabinet with a mirrored front pulls double duty.

This is a cute idea to display the outfits you’ve styled for the week. Keep them next to your vanity area so that you can make sure your makeup doesn’t completely clash with your outfit. This option is perfect for closets that have solid doors on them. You can keep the bulk of your stuff hidden away so that you don’t get distracted from the cute look you’ve already pulled together. Bonus: you’ll be able to take an hour to style your weekly wardrobe – there has to be something on the rail!

I’ve mentioned lights on shelving earlier in this post, and I’m using this image to showcase just how beautiful it can be. If there was no lighting on these shelves, imagine how dull and dark the room would feel. With the lights, you can easily see each item, and it even creates extra ambient light for the rest of your room. This space features a mix of solid and glass shelving, which will hopefully help you pick which one you like better.

Floating shelves and glass front drawers? I am a happy stylist looking at this picture. I love storing shoes and other wardrobe items on floating shelves – normally you’d put art or books on them, but in your wardrobe, shoes are art! Glass front drawers are another incredible invention that I’m very glad exists. It keeps your folded items stored neatly, but you can see exactly where each item is. Beautiful, and functional.

The header picture is one of my absolute favourite pictures in the entire world. When I build my dream house, I’m going to have display areas just like it all over my house. It’s so customisable, but the styling in this image is impeccable and I adore it. Styling and display areas in wardrobes just get you into a fashion happy mood, and definitely elevates your space. An added bonus is that an area like this is very versatile. You could keep children’s items here, or it would be the perfect spot to store folded clothing items like sweaters, casual tees, and jeans!


Header image is from The Design Co.

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