Laundry Room Inspiration and Organisation Tips

Laundry Room Inspiration and Organisation Tips - If you've been letting yourself suffer doing your laundry in a sad room, this is the post for you. No matter what size your room is, there is a way you can turn it into a neatly organised and pretty space, so that doing laundry is a breeze!

Laundry is typically one of the most hated chores around. No one wants to stand in a badly lit room that smells a little musty, heaving around damp clothes in the humidity from the dryer. There are so many people out there suffering from bad laundry room design, and they don’t have to. Today’s post is going to be some inspiration and ideas on how to design, decorate, and organise your laundry room so that doing laundry is something that you no longer dread!

I love the idea of clothes dryers that you can fold back up against the wall. It’s space saving, but it’s also extremely functional, especially if you live somewhere where you can’t hang your clothes outside. I also love the blue and white colour scheme, it feels very fresh and clean.

This laundry area utilizes a tonne of incredible things in a tiny space. A rod to hang clothes so they don’t crease, upper cabinets for extra storage space, another fold-down clothing dryer, and hampers on castors so that you can move heavy loads around without hurting yourself. I also love the idea of having a bench over front loading washers and dryers, so that you can sort and fold your laundry straight out of the machine.

If you have a small or dark laundry space, then this shimmery wall is for you. It reflects light to help prevent the space from feeling dim, and is cheerful and interesting to look at. It’s perfect in this closet style laundry area – it’s a pop of fun when the doors are open, but when they’re closed, your space reverts back to it’s usual state.

Frosted glass doors, sliding or not, are a great option for laundry rooms that are off of a hallway. It gives you privacy from visitors who may be using the hallway, but still allows the light to filter through. PS: If you click through, this laundry room also features a large desk and a high craft table, perfect for anything you might need!

This is a great option for a narrow and long laundry room. You can skip the second machines if you need to, but you still have all the essentials: a sink for soaking, plenty of cupboard space, a rail to hang easily creased items, and slots to keep baskets in for sorting. The choice of black paint is interesting as well; the space feels sophisticated and classic, but without natural light I feel like it’s a little bit too dark. A picture window would be incredible on the blank wall.

Don’t have any space to fold and sort clothes? Put in a drawer-style folding board! I really love this, because it doesn’t take away a tonne of space from the cupboards, and provides a really handy and space saving surface to stack folded clothes on when you’re doing the laundry. Another option would be to make sure that the tap can rotate, so that you can turn it to the side and place a board over the sink.

While I’m not sure that anyone in existence actually owns that many pairs of identical Hunter rain boots, keeping a mudroom in your laundry is a fantastic option. Floors are generally easily washable, and if you’re muddy and wet you can throw your dirty clothes in the washing machine and get clean and warm things out of the dryer.

If your laundry room doesn’t have any natural light, opt for shiny and brightly coloured appliances. The shiny will reflect the light in the space to help it feel brighter, and the colour adds a punch of personality to an otherwise dull area. This particular laundry space is storage-heavy, which is good for if you have a larger family. A quick tip for storing clothes and linens in a laundry space: make sure you have venting in both the room and the cupboards to prevent mold and mildew from developing in damp spaces.

There’s no rule that says your laundry room has to be on a ground or basement floor: if you have the space upstairs, consider installing it there. It saves you from having to carry loads of laundry up and down stairs, which can help to prevent back pain. If you have a larger family, perhaps you could install a second laundry room by your family bathroom, so that people can drop dirty clothes or towels straight into the machine. Time savings, and you don’t have to pick up anyones dirty underwear.

Cubbies are a good way to store things in your laundry room. When you need something you can pull the basket down and search through it. It’s much easier than rifling through drawers, and it keeps the room looking tidy and organised. No one has to know that your baskets are piled with mess! This laundry room also has a drying rack right in front of the window to help dry things faster, and a tabletop ironing board (a perfect choice for people with little space).

I really love the hampers in this space – chrome is a good option if you want things to look clean, and the canvas bags make for easy sorting. I would suggest switching out the ‘waste’ one for a ‘colours’ hamper and keeping a smaller trash bin in your laundry. Otherwise, you’ll end up collecting piles of receipts and miscellaneous rubbish in your laundry room, due to the whole out-of-sight out-of-mind thing.

Get cute accessories and style them! No one really likes looking at a rainbow of different coloured laundry products, so find some cute matching containers and decant your products into them. Use a drink dispenser for your liquid soaps, an apothecary jar for powders, and corral items like hand soap, moisturiser, and linen spray on a little tray that’s easy to reach. Keeping your items in nice containers means that you don’t dread pulling out ugly ones, and you can keep them on display because they look so pretty!

For those of you with huge laundry rooms like this one, dedicate a cupboard space to each person or activity. You’ll never mix things up, and each person can keep their own area as tidy as they like. You could have one cupboard for sports equipment, and then one for each family member to keep their jackets and shoes in. Don’t forget to add in somewhere to sit in your mudroom! Another thing you could do is keep a washing basket in each persons cupboard to put their clean laundry in. That way they can drop their stuff off in their room and bring the basket back!

This is almost my dream laundry room (I would prefer something with a window to let in natural light and fresh air). Apart from the lack of window, this space just screams clean and chic. I love the light fixture, the huge canvas hampers, and the super long clothing rail to hang things up when they’re done drying. The cupboards keep a whole tonne of stuff organised and out of view, and the white colour scheme invites cleanliness.

If you have a dog, you should definitely think about adding a dog shower to your laundry room. This way, your pooch won’t track mud all through the house, and you can change out of wet clothes into something fresh from the dryer. A dog shower is a great choice, because it allows you to keep your dog away from human products that may be harmful. You’ll have everything you need close at hand, and this particular room even has a place to loop a leash so your pup doesn’t run away.

One of my main tips, especially for the fashionistas, is to keep a steamer and an ironing board in your actual laundry room. When you take things out of the dryer, iron or steam them before you put them away. This means that you’ll never have to rush to iron something before work, and it keeps you focused on the chore at hand. A fold-away ironing board is a good option if you absolutely hate ironing and want to pretend you don’t have an ironing board.

I really like multi-functional utility spaces. There’s no reason why your laundry room shouldn’t also be a place to store extra linens, bulk food items, outdoor clothes, and even craft or gift wrapping supplies. I definitely recommend having somewhere that you can sit down in your laundry space – if you have a lot of laundry to do it will be a lifesaver for your feet and back. If you do keep craft supplies in your laundry room, make sure you have good ventilation so that nothing gets damp.

This is a great example of a tiny laundry space. By keeping the colour scheme neutral and light, the area doesn’t feel like a dark hole of sadness. For small areas, you should be careful to choose accessories that are both pretty and functional. It’s essential to keep these areas as organised as possible, otherwise you’ll find yourself delaying doing laundry so that you don’t have to deal with piles of unfolded clothing and stray receipts everywhere.

This narrow laundry features one of my favourite design tricks: mirrors to make a small room seem a lot larger. Without the mirrors, you can tell that the room would be a lot darker and feel very small. A long narrow laundry like this one means a lot of counter space, which is perfect for folding and sorting, and keeping a tabletop ironing board on. I really like how everything in this room has been kept extremely minimal, to help the room feel less narrow and cramped.

This is another of my all-time favourite laundry spaces. It’s so big and light! The raised washer and dryer are perfect for people with limited mobility. It would be so easy to switch clothes from each machine, and pull things out of the dryer to fold. A space as big as this is a good option for encouraging company while you’re doing a chore. You never know who might stop in to say something and end up folding all the towels while they chat.

This space is a large craft area at the end of a long laundry room. I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this post how much I love multi-use spaces, and this one takes the cake. This particular space is perfect if you have small children. They can play and do crafts while you’re doing the laundry, or they can do their homework on the computer while you supervise. It’s massively time saving – you just have to be careful not to get distracted by Facebook and forget that you were halfway through washing your clothes.

This laundry room has a whole bunch of neat things that I hadn’t even considered. A heated rail (I assume) is good for hanging towels on if you’re planning on having a shower, or warming up jeans in the middle of winter. The chalkboard wall means that you can easily write down notes while you’re doing the laundry – things you need to get in the groceries, or what you pulled out of who’s pockets. The under mount lighting is also very cool.

This is a good use of a space off of a kitchen. This particular home does have a proper laundry room, but it’s a good idea to stack a smaller washer and dryer for your kitchen items. I hate it when kitchen linens end up getting washed with clothing or bathroom towels, it’s unhygienic and gives me the heebies. It’s also a good option if you don’t have an actual laundry room, because there’s plenty of surfaces and you can get a drink or snack while you work.

I adore this laundry room. It’s so charming and elegant, and the view is to die for. One of the best ways to enjoy doing laundry is to stare out the window and forget that you’re doing laundry! This room also features a handy dog kennel under one of the benches, which seems to be a popular place for them. I love all the design choices in this room – the flooring helps to pull together the black of the windows and the cream of the cabinets, and it just feels incredibly chic.

Here’s a fun fact: the human brain finds odd numbers more pleasing than even numbers. I’m not sure why, but it’s true. I also really like the use of colour in this space; the sea foam looks really lovely paired with the whites and the pop of bright green. Again, this laundry room has hampers on castors, and these tuck away under the benchtop to save floor space. Rolling hampers are really good if you have children. Teach them to sort their own clothing and put it in the correct hamper as part of their chores!

My laundry room is tiny, messy, completely disorganised, and a horrible shade of pink. If I had the money to fix it up, I’d love to put in nicer shelves with bifold doors on the closet wall, and turn the washer side into a stacked system with a clothing rail. I’d also love to paint it a nice white, and utilise that very pretty sparkly backsplash in the third image!

A good design means that you feel happier to be in a space. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I’d definitely be a lot happier if I had a clean and tidy area in which to do it. My final tips: Make sure that you get the proper GFCI outlets for a damp room, and that you’ve got good venting for the heat your dryer puts out. If you’re planning a laundry room remodel, definitely consult an expert to make sure that everything is properly installed, and that you’ll be safe using your appliances!


Header image is from Barlow Reid Design.


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