15 Chic Modern Spaces to Take Inspiration From


15 Chic Modern Spaces to Take Inspiration From - Modern spaces can be difficult to design. Are they supposed to be minimal? How do you show your personality? Today's post showcases some examples of how modern spaces can make incredibly chic homes.

One of my favourite things about this generation is that I get to see beautiful traditional pieces being fused into more modern styles. This means that there is endless inspiration for modern interiors that incorporate more historical items. Modern styles of interior design can end up looking quite harsh and blank, so I put together some inspiration for you to give a little life and luxury to your space – whether you like modern and minimal, or updated traditional items.

This modern industrial space has been softened with warm toned woods and plush textiles. Two of the easiest ways to add a little chic and glam to this kind of space is by bringing in a modern light fixture and some metallic accents. I love the way that the shoes bring in the metallic elements, and they can be easily swapped out depending on the mood and the use. Glass, patent leather, and mirrors are another way to go modern chic – the reflectiveness adds an almost futuristic touch.

The neutral colour palette of this room serves to highlight the stunning antique lights. The glass tops of the tables again bring in that reflective element, and the crisp white of the bedding stops the space from feeling dated. One thing I would add to this space is a large rug in a muted pink or blue. I’m not very fond of wall to wall carpeting, especially in modern spaces, and I feel like this room could use just a touch more colour.

This room is a perfect example of modern Hollywood glamour. The chains are a custom light fixture (possibly easily to DIY), and I always like a good piece of lacquered furniture. The desk has beautiful gold hardware, which is definitely on trend at the moment – as is mixed metals. On the armchairs, I’d use a different material such as a plain charcoal to stop the room from being so overwhelming. My favourite part is the grasscloth wallpaper with its subtle sheen – perfect to highlight something like a wardrobe.

This is possibly my favourite example of a minimal space that I’ve ever seen. Scandinavian spaces often use light flooring, which can look very clinical and is the reason why I’m not fond of that particular style. The dark hardwood in this space helps to ground the abundance of white and reflective pieces. I’m on a bit of an all-white kick at the moment, I think in a modern space it looks very chic and clean, and I just love this space so much.

Black and white colour schemes have taken off in popularity lately in the modern decor genre, and I’m so glad that they have. The combination of the two classic colours always makes for an incredible space. I really love the tinted mirror frame and the sheer chandelier light fixture. The black painted bed shows that even a piece of cane furniture can look incredibly chic and refined. The Vitra Eames Rocking Chair is a fantastic piece if you want to make a minimal modern statement.

This room shows that you don’t need a lot of stuff to make an impact with a modern space. The bright blue paint is a statement in and of itself, and by keeping the rest of the items to three materials or colours has helped the room feel minimal and calming. I’m the kind of person who gets easily overwhelmed if I have too much stuff going on in the space around me, so I love this image for inspiration to keep things very simple and chic.

Powder rooms are a great place to make a statement with a dramatic and modern design. Since it’s a room that you’re not often in for very long, and is closed off the rest of the time, feel free to make a statement here. The damask pattern is on a black reflective tile, which adds a touch of femininity and is reflected by the floor to ceiling frameless mirror behind the sink. I also love how sleek and simple the basin and counter are, which also provides a place for a vignette to add a bit more style.

Wallpaper is making a comeback even in modern spaces. You can always find something in a simple or graphic style to highlight the architecture of your home, or your own personal taste. In this space, the minimal silhouettes of the furniture pieces help them to almost disappear, but the metallic aspect still makes it a nice piece. It also shows that less clutter is better in modern spaces if you’re trying to make a minimal-style impact.

Each item of furniture in this space is modern and minimal, which is the perfect scenario for the pops of bright fuchsia. Simple is good in modern spaces, and reflects the kind of world that we live in now – a world where a simple and functional piece is a preferred option. We like to keep things crisp and clean, because it channels a refinement and sophistication into spaces that can easily become overwhelmed.

The best thing about a modern space is how easily you can incorporate a very unusual piece without it being overshadowed by the architecture. Each item in this room can be a statement piece by itself, but with the simplicity of the actual room, the combination doesn’t feel over the top. Classic shapes can be found in modern styles now, like these intriguing chairs in a metallic fabric, or the table legs shaped like metal tree roots.

Bathrooms are probably the most common example of modern architecture, because of how clean and luxurious they look. Bathrooms often feature an abundance of white, including marble tiles. I love the plain and unadorned style of the bathtub, vanity, and basins, as well as the frameless mirrors which are rising in popularity. The patterned tile in the shower, and the simple sculptures add interest without overwhelming the calmness of the space.

This bathroom is filled with things that I love – chic artwork, a simple and shiny bar cart, simple yet feminine wallpaper, and a clean vanity with a cool chair. This room shows that a room doesn’t have to be blank and monotone to be modern, it can incorporate aspects that reflect your personality. For instance, I love a good bar cart in any bathroom space, but modern chrome and glass ones are my favourite. (Don’t forget to check out my bar cart styling post)

Vintage furniture pieces and silhouettes look incredible in modern spaces. They can be updated to fit in with current trends, or can be used to soften harsher lines. For instance, the canopy bed usually comes in a style that fits more rustic or traditional spaces, but updated with a brushed metal it can look stunning. Mixing genres of furniture will help transition the room into a more liveable style, especially if you’re feeling washed out by how unadorned your modern space is.

One of my favourite things to do is put modern furniture into a traditional space. The gold ceiling moulding brings in an aspect of heirloom, which is complemented by the minimal lines of the furniture pieces and the beautiful floor. Again, this room uses some of the common aspects of modern design – metallics, whites and greys, reflective surfaces and spartan styling.

The final room in this post is another of my favourites, for two reasons. One, those double doors are incredible and I want them for my dream bathroom. Two, the modern marble surfaces and colour palette is complimented by the chandelier, the pendant lighting, and the Venetian style mirrors. It’s a fairly minimal and uncomplicated space, but the light fixtures and mirrors add just enough personality without overwhelming the room.

In our modern world, we can often become easily overwhelmed by all of the options we have available to us. But modern architecture features unadorned walls, sleek surfaces, and no-nonsense furniture pieces. You can easily add items with personality to a modern space, and still keep it calm and serene. This is probably why I love modern spaces so much – with all the hustle and bustle, it’s good to come home to a place that is peaceful and composed.


Header image is by Nasciturus Design, who are based out of Warsaw, Poland.

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