Bold Beauty: Examples of Daring Design Choices that Work

Bold Beauty: Examples of Daring Design Choices that Work - Today's post is a bit on the wild side, especially compared with my usual 'classic and chic' aesthetic. In this post you'll find 25 examples of incredibly brave decor choices that work uncommonly well.

We all know that I’m a proud supporter of the minimal, the clean, and the sleek. Some of my most common suggestions are “you could paint it white” and “have you tried something mirrored?” However, there’s one move that always turns a space from functional to fantastic, and that is making a bold and daring design choice. It elevates a common space to something truly unique, and is a choice that makes a statement of your personality. If you’ve been thinking about doing something completely unexpected in your home and you’re looking for encouragement, keep reading to see some gorgeous examples and get some motivation to do the same!

This post is probably my favourite example of the phrase “if you love it, it will work”. These choices are inspired by people who aren’t afraid to do something that they love, just because someone else might not understand it. If you find something that you really love and can see being part of your life, don’t hesitate based on someone elses opinion. Ultimately, your space is your own and you’re the one who has to live in it. If there’s a friend who finds one of your choices completely distasteful, you can always shift the party to their house!


Header image is by Fun House Furnishings and Design.


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