Beauty Guru: Chloe Zadori

Beauty Guru: Chloe Zadori - One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is to watch beauty videos on YouTube, and recently I came across Canadian beauty guru Chloe Zadori. Her beautiful rich hair, sparkling amber eyes, and pretty accent is just the wrapping for the charming and talented girl underneath!

If you are a fan of beauty videos on YouTube like I am, then you’ll know how hard it is to find someone who not only creates looks that you really love, but also uses products that will suit your skin, hair, and eyes. In the past couple of days, I stumbled across Chloé Zadori, who is absolutely stunning and is so talented at creating super pretty and feminine looks. Today I’m sharing a few things about why I adore her, and four of my most favourite videos from her YouTube channel.

Part of creating and living a chic and graceful life includes learning how to use makeup (at least in my opinion). I love using makeup, but I find it very difficult to follow a lot of videos because there are aspects that simply don’t suit my colouring or skin type. Chloé has the same type of skin as I do (dry and sensitive), as well as hair colour and eye colour. This means that all the looks she creates will flatter me, and I can take inspiration from them to create my own.

Chloé has a very feminine aesthetic when it comes to makeup. She loves creating ‘bombshell’ looks, and many of her videos are on makeup looks that I am trying to do on myself. I love feminine and pretty makeup, whether it’s a soft and neutral day look, or a night look with a pop of bright pink. Finding Chloé is going to make it so much easier for me to discover products and colours that I can use on myself, knowing how they’re generally going to work.

Here are some of my favourite videos that she’s posted so far:

PS: I know that Wednesday posts are usually interior decor posts, but I actually pushed today’s post to Friday so I could share the wonder that is Chloé Zadori! The House of Grace is all about helping you create not just a gorgeous home, but also a gorgeous life. I hope you enjoyed this post, and can find some super pretty inspiration on Chloé’s channel.


The header image is from Chloé’s instagram, and you can find her YouTube channel here.


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