25 Examples of Incredibly Elegant Entryways

25 Examples of Incredibly Elegant Entryways - If there's one place in your home to go all out, it's your front entryway. For some people, it's the only glimpse they get into your house! I'm featuring some stunning examples on the House of Grace.

One of the main things that bothers me about living in the house I’m in is that there is no formal entryway. When you enter my home, you walk straight into my living room. I would love to have a formal entryway. It’s a clearly defined space, and has such great decorating potential. For my dream home, my entryway will look straight through to the great room windows, so that the natural light flows right through. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to decorate or style your own entryway, this is the post for you.

Front Entry

Bonus: Back Entry

The back (or side) entry of your home is where you should keep your mudroom and utility spaces. It’s the perfect space for extra storage, a place to take off muddy boots and wet coats, and even to have some pet-specific places like kennels and showers.

Whether you’re dealing with a tiny apartment or an expansive mega mansion, you should always style your entryway to be a place that welcomes you home. Go minimal, go completely bare, or go crazy with a gigantic statue! However, there are a few things you definitely need to consider.

The first thing is your traffic pattern: can you get around your furniture? Can you do it with your groceries? No one should be tripping over or stubbing their toes. Secondly, your sight lines: where does your eye get drawn when you enter the space? Is it straight through to your beautiful living room, or upwards towards your stunning light fixture? Or is it drawn to the pile of shoes that you’ve kicked off into the corner?

Style your home with intention, and with care. If you create a space that you absolutely adore being in, then your home will positively affect your mood. And as always, if you love it, it will work. It doesn’t matter that your mom hates the lip shaped sofa you just put in, or if you have a much-debated ramshackle suit of armour guarding your front door. Love your home, and it will love you.


Header image is by Kenneth Davis Lux International.

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