Dream House Inspiration: Landscape and Exteriors

Dream House Inspiration: Landscape and Exteriors - One of my favourite parts about planning my dream home has got to be the exteriors and landscaping. The landscaping most of all! Today's post is a gallery of some images that inspire me when it comes to my exterior and landscape design.

I know, this is supposed to be a blog about interiors. In fact, recently I vowed to start writing better content that focuses specifically on classic and glam spaces. The fact is that I believe your exteriors matter just as much as your interiors. Your windows frame your view, and your surroundings affect your atmosphere. Working with my best friend, who is a landscape designer, has given me a surprising love of landscapes and the outdoor side of design. Landscapes and interiors go hand in hand, and are just as important as each other.

Today’s post is an inspiration collection about the things I want included in the landscaping and the exteriors of my dream home. Some of them are impossible, but it’s a dream home! You should always go big when it comes to dreams.

House exterior

Of course, the header image of the stunning Saxony Manor (designed by the incredible Ambassador Fine Custom Homes and on the market for nearly nine million dollars) is my go-to exteriors inspiration. The limestone facade is absolutely gorgeous and I just about cried when I first saw pictures. I love grand estate and mansion homes, so naturally this is the perfect inspiration for me!

I also love European style homes, from Mediterranean styles to French chateaux.

Gardens and landscaping

With the gardens and landscaping, I hope to be able to keep buying land surrounding my property for afore-mentioned landscape designer to work on. There are so many things that I’d love to have access to (even though they’d be ridiculously expensive and unattainable). My two main focuses would be on having plenty of trees and flowers. I adore flowers, and I want to be able to plant a lot of trees – enough to grow my own mini-forest.

Another garden essential is having a kitchen garden, where I can grow fruits and vegetables. Down the line, I’d probably look at planting my own little orchard for apples and mandarins and lemons. The final picture in this section is the most unattainable; the landscape layout is from a castle in the United States. But how gorgeous is it? I want a lot of water features, even if they have to be drained in summer from water restrictions.

Pool and pool house

The pool is probably the most important landscape item I require. It would be great for my mom’s disability, so that she can exercise without putting her body under too much stress. Personally, I can’t swim. But I’d learn if I had a pool! It would be so nice to relax with friends by the pool, drinking cocktails, and going for a dip whenever it gets too warm. I’d also let the dogs have a swim every now and then.

I love a good classic rectangular pool, with two very important aspects: a rock waterfall, and some of those horizontal waterfall spouts. I need those two things in my life. When I was younger, I went to a pool that had the horizontal spouts and sitting underneath it with the water flowing over my shoulders was the most peaceful I’ve ever felt. Even if my hair would turn into a lions mane every time, I’d spend a whole lot of my life in the pool.

Outdoor living and dining

Living in New Zealand, we get a lot of beautiful weather that definitely needs to be enjoyed. For my dream home, I’d love to have multiple outdoor living areas so that I can host friends for dinner, or even just sit outside and work. A firepit is an essential for those colder nights, as well as a living space and an outdoor kitchen. Barbeques are one of my most favourite meals! One of the pictures I included has a pizza oven, which would be incredible to have.

Extra bits and bobs

The first extra bit and bob is the driveway. I’d like something long and winding, with trees lining the edges (impatiens planted underneath for a pop of colour). The ultimate plan is to have separate houses on one property, as well as a workshop and office space for the House of Grace. A long driveway would provide plenty of space to turn off wherever you want to go.

My biggest dream for my dream landscape is a lake. Yes, a lake. I want a beautiful lake with a fountain in the middle, and a bridge over one of the parts. I have literal dreams of jogging over that bridge in the early morning with the mist rising off the water. It would also be great for the dogs, and be a perfect place to host picnic parties.

The last extra bob is the barn, which will be a rustic stone barn hidden away in some trees. I’m not sure exactly what I’d use it for; the ground floor would probably be for storage, but I’d like to install a loft so I could sit there and read in the peace and quiet. This is something I’m still contemplating having, it may end up being that the barn is skipped over in favour of more modern structures. A stone barn is so fairytale and romantic, and would be such a lovely thing for guests to discover on their walks.

It took me so much time to find all of the perfect pictures that it is now almost four in the morning. I really need to start writing posts a few days before they’re due! I hope you enjoyed this post, and have found things to inspire your own dream landscapes. You can also find something you like and a designer can scale it back to a size that fits you – a landscape designer is definitely worth the investment when you’re planning on redoing your home!



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