RH Teen Roundup and Favourite Products - The new RH Teen line has launched and it's absolutely incredible. They've curated a collection of some of the most beautiful and sophisticated pieces, whilst still remaining true to a teenage aesthetic. On the blog, I'm sharing some of my favourite 'rooms' and the products that I'm loving so far.

RH Teen Room Roundup and Favourite Products

RH Teen Roundup and Favourite Products - The new RH Teen line has launched and it's absolutely incredible. They've curated a collection of some of the most beautiful and sophisticated pieces, whilst still remaining true to a teenage aesthetic. On the blog, I'm sharing some of my favourite 'rooms' and the products that I'm loving so far.

You guys know that I’m obsessed with Restoration Hardware. I mean, I’ve mentioned it enough times, right? RH just launched their new Teen line and website, and I’m beyond delighted with the beautiful range of products. There are definitely more things geared towards girls than to boys (in the sense of light + pink vs dark + blue) but that’s totally alright with me. I almost exclusively work on spaces for women, so having a large and quality range of products available is exactly what I need.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the rooms from the new RH Teen collection, as well as some of my favourite pieces, keep reading.

Turn on the Charm

I, of course, have already picked a favourite room, which is the Maelin bedroom that is also featured in the header photo. I feel like it’s the perfect mix of dusty pinks and soft greys, and is so light and beautiful. I pretty much love every single piece in the Maelin bedroom, starting with the simple yet classic upholstered bed. I really love the mix of soft colours with the nailhead trim, it gives it a very subtle edge that really helps to make the space.

The cute writing desk & hutch, and Martine tufted desk chair are also so lovely. I can already picture myself curled up there writing blog posts and catching up on my Instagram feed. The Sophie stool is so pink and fluffy that it’s definitely a love/hate kind of piece. Me? I love it. The mix of fluffy upholstery and classic cabriole legs makes it feel very elegant and super girly. And you know I’m obsessed with the Elia crystal chandelier. I love using dramatic lighting pieces in teen bedrooms, because it’s a way to show personality without cluttering up valuable space.

The Cecily Canopy bedroom is super feminine and traditional girly. This is the kind of room that my nine-year-old self would have absolutely adored to live in. The mosaic furniture is quite cool, but not something that I’d ever suggest for someone. I definitely think that classic and simple pieces are the best, and that includes plain paint schemes.

My favourite pieces from this room are the Paige tufted tub chair which looks so comfortable and chic, the antique mirrored jewellery chest, the edged border bedding in a mix of dusty rose and grey (but not the patterned sheets), and of course the Cecily canopy bed itself.

The Zadie tufted bedroom is definitely a lot less traditional, but still very chic and inviting. I love the blues and the whites; it creates a soothing and calm atmosphere that is perfect for a teen bedroom. Some girls don’t like pink, and this room showcases that not all girly rooms have to be drenched in pink to be perfect.

Naturally, the Zadie tufted bed is my favourite piece from this room. You know how much I love tufted furniture. I also really love some of the Bryn wooden furniture – the dresser, nightstand, desk, and bookcase are all clean and classic.

The Avalon study is a gorgeous example of a simple yet feminine and elegant workspace for a teenage girl. All the accessories tie in beautifully, and I can easily see the desk and shelves being styled for so many different tastes. The study wall set featured in the photo has so much storage, and since it’s modular, you can switch the smaller desk with the larger one.

I’m also in love with the classic tack linen memory board – it’s a beautiful piece that has plenty of display space for both assignments and for photos. The Kashmir faux fur beanbag is my other favourite piece. It’s good to have lots of seating options in a teenagers room for various friends, and the beanbag looks so fuzzy and inviting.

This is the bedroom set that ties in with the study above. I love it when I can match simple furniture pieces together without them looking too tacky or overbearing. The storage canopy bed is both functional and decorative (which makes it perfect in my book) – it will work great in a smaller space, and a sheer curtain or fabric bolt can be draped over it to add privacy and prettiness. You can even wrap some fairy lights around the beams for some extra sparkle.

You’ve probably already guessed that I adore the illuminated leaner mirror, and the absolutely stunning Athena Crystal grand chandelier. I love a good sparkly over-the-top decorative piece, and these two work flawlessly to bring light into the space. My last favourite piece is something you can’t see very well, but it’s the Mongolian lamb pillow cover. Every room needs at least one fluffy pillow, and Mongolian lamb wool is super soft and silky.

The World is my Stage

Confession: in high school, I was a cliche ’emo’/wanna-be rocker kind of girl. The exact kind of girl who would have died over having such a cool and edgy bedroom. Black and white are endlessly chic, and when you mix in faux fur and gold accents, you have the perfect rocker chick bedroom. I prefer this room aesthetically rather than individual pieces, probably because I don’t have a lot of experience decorating with bolder furniture choices.

My absolute favourite piece from this room is the Lina chandelier. Gunmetal and smoky greys give me teenage nostalgia and remain one of my preferred colours even now. The shimmer quilt and sham used on the bed are a great touch – the lines of glittering thread bring a subtle touch of light and would look amazing with white bedding. The glass globe string lights are a really popular style right now, and mood lighting is essential in a teenagers space. The You Only Live Once piece is a guilty pleasure!

I’m combining the Tribeca tufted set into one – there’s a daybed room and a regular bedroom. The beds themselves aren’t my favourite, but I definitely prefer the daybed. These rooms embody bold Hollywood glamour and heavily feature classic tufted shapes, glossy furniture, and faux furs. From the regular bedroom, I love the Sophie desk chair and the Jolie dresser and nightstand. You can get the chair in different furs and the wood in a white finish, but the black is very classic and elegant.

From the daybed room, my favourite piece is the Allegra chandelier in gunmetal. I love the small linked chains and empire silhouette – my absolute favourite chandelier style of all time. The luxe sheepskin rug is a must have, even if my cats would eat it to pieces in a heartbeat. I also like the mixed media cross bedding collection – the pop of hot pink is eye-catching and fantastic.

The last room I adore from this particular style is the Simeon bedroom. How incredible is the vintage french sequin desk chair?The other pop of shimmer I really like is the edged border & lucky star bedding. The Carpe Diem wall decor was something that I wasn’t sure about at first, but have grown to really love. I think it’s a great message for teenagers, who are in the prime of their youth and have the ability to experience so many new things with their eyes wide open.

The last favourite is the Wilshire wide dresser, which is the mirrored piece featured in the photo. Mirrored furniture is a great option for darker rooms to reflect light whilst also providing a tonne of storage.

Dream Big, Shine Bright

The Dream Big, Shine Bright collection is definitely the romantic one out of all of them, filled with the softest colours and the most elegant pieces. I absolutely adore the Juliet upholstered bed with the low footboard, and there’s one with a high footboard as well. Personally, I’d prefer it in a white finish for the wood, but the unfinished aged wood is a trademark of Parisian design and still looks lovely.

The only other piece I like from this room is the Appliqué Fiore & vintage crochet trimmed bedding collection. It would be very easy to mix the colours together, but the grey and the ivory are the nicest.

The Devyn tufted daybed bedroom would also look really great as a living space, which is why it’s perfect for teens. Teenagers spend a lot of their time in their bedroom, and a daybed will allow them to style their space better when friends come over. The Beaumont mirrored furniture is also really lovely, and my favourite pieces are the dresser and the vanity & hutch set. Paired with the light version of the vintage sequin chair, they add sparkle and glamour instantly (as a bonus, mirrored furniture is easier to clean than wood!).

The starry string lights are exquisite, and my favourite type of fairy lights. I like to wrap these around everything – curtain rods, canopy frames, shelves, mirrors, doorways. This version has a bendable wire, which means it’ll be much easier to contour to the shape you want it. The last item from the Devyn room is the Sato rug, which is a beautiful and silky rug that will reflect the light in a luminous sheen. It comes in some stunning colours, and multiple sizes so you can find the rug that’s perfect for your space.

The Caleigh iron canopy bedroom is super sweet, soft, and girly. The cool-toned and minimal colour scheme is absolutely beautiful, and the entire room is so chic and lovely. Iron canopy beds are an essential and elegant piece of French inspired furniture, and I always love it when they’re styled with a sheer white curtain around the frame. The gathered knot bedding from this room is luxurious and feminine, and the seafoam colour looks so lovely paired with the white sheets.

The tufted linen memory board is another favourite, combining two of my favourite things together (tufting, and places to stick things without damaging the walls). My final favourite is the starry ‘Beautiful’ light decor, which is something that all teenage girls should believe about themselves.

Last, but certainly not least, is my second favourite room out of them all: the modular closet. Every girl needs a vanity and storage area for her essential accessories, shoes, and beauty supplies. The first thing that jumps out at me is the gorgeous French Rococo mirror with its stunning detailing and etching. The distressed mirror floor screen and tufted round velvet ottoman are two more beautiful pieces; the screen gives you privacy for getting dressed, and the ottoman has storage in it and gives you an extra place to sit.

Out of the modular storage options, I do prefer the two shown here surrounding the pretty desk. The four-drawer storage unit provides pretty storage for hidden things, as well as a place to create displays of jewellery and accessories. The shoe cubby and shelving unit is perfect for girls who like to display their shoes, and would also work really well for storing school supplies.

There is another range of girls rooms called ‘Wild and Free‘ which is their more bohemian style of rooms. I really wanted to like these rooms, and I think the pieces can be beautiful, but I’m just not a boho kind of girl. Unfinished wood and relaxed upholstery just doesn’t speak to me. The only piece I found myself truly liking is the Moroccan leather pouf in silver. Still – a great range with some brilliant styling for the girl who is definitely wild and free.

Congratulations to RH for their absolutely stunning new line, and I can’t wait to see more of it in the future.


The header image is the Maelin Upholstered Bed, but I’m pretty much in love with the whole room.

You’ll notice I also didn’t include the rooms that are traditionally for the guys; although they are beautifully curated, I feel like they just don’t match my aesthetic and the message that I’m sharing with you (my readers). All three are just as incredible as the girls ones, and you can find them here: Game On, Whatever Comes My Way, Never Skip a Beat.

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