Woman of the Month: Rhaea Estelle

Woman of the Month: Rhaea Estelle - 21 year old Canadian beauty and lifestyle Youtuber RhaeaEstelle is Septembers Woman of the Month! In addition to her Youtube career, she also works at a cosmetics counter, and as a model. Read through to find out why she's this months WotM.

RhaeaEstelle is a beauty guru and makeup artist on Youtube. She is 21 years old and is based out of Canada. Rhaea is one of my all-time favourite Youtubers and she is so beautiful! Although she posts videos fairly infrequently, they’re always very good quality and worth watching. She has a unique skill for easily creating flawless and polished looks that are always very glamorous and wearable.

Since she joined Youtube in July 2012, Rhaea has reached over 25 million views, and 750,000 subscribers. Along with her channel, she also works as a model and at a cosmetics counter. The reason I love Rhaea is that she uses a lot of ‘drugstore’ products, some of which are easily available in New Zealand. She uses them to recreate celebrity looks, and isn’t afraid to talk about any problems that she has using the products.

I find Rhaea to be one of the prettiest and down-to-earth girls on Youtube. Beauty videos are the ones that I’m always watching, and she always explains everything really clearly and understandably. I admire not only her skill with makeup, but also her fashion videos and her hairstyling videos. My absolutely favourite tutorial of hers is her fall makeup look, which I’ve embedded just below.

You can find Rhaea on her social media accounts here: youtube, twitter, instagram, google+. Rhaea doesn’t have a facebook page, but there are fan pages that you can follow. She hasn’t been very active on her social media lately, but her videos are still amazing and definitely worth checking out.


Header image is from Ariann Photographer.


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