Chic Dorm Decor Inspiration

Chic Dorm Decor Inspiration - Your dorm room is the first place you really have the freedom to decorate any way you like. In today's post I'm sharing some advice and inspiration for making your college dorm room into a chic and feminine haven!

College dorm rooms can be an ugly blank canvas when you first move in. But creating a glamorous and girly dorm room is a lot easier than you might think. If you’re working with a roommate, you’re going to have to coordinate with her on your design scheme and what kind of lifestyle you can expect living with her (do you want to be able to have friends over, or will your room be a peaceful sanctuary for sleeping and studying?).

Decorating your dorm room is essential – this is going to be your home for the year, so it needs to be a place you feel safe and comfortable. Today’s post has inspiration and ideas for your college dorm room to help you craft your space into a true haven.

Cover your carpet

I am completely grossed out by how many feet sweat stains and spilled food might be hiding in the carpets of dorm rooms. The easiest way to fix it without hiring a steam cleaner? Buy an area rug. It makes your space more plush and comfortable, and covers up the ugly carpet. A lot of dorm rooms will just have carpet right over concrete, so get a rug pad to go underneath for extra squish.

Frame your artwork

It can be very tempting to just stick your posters to the walls with tape or blu tack, but investing in frames will help elevate your space. If you can’t afford to buy actual framed artwork, buy a frame set from Target or Ikea and add some free printables from online. Pinterest has a thousands of free printables available, so you’ll be able to find something you like. You can also do one larger piece instead of a smaller piece – try things that relate to your major!

Put up a pinboard

Your college might be a stickler for not damaging the walls, but you definitely need a space to display all your photos and pin up your class and assignment schedules. Do this by investing in a decently sized pinboard. You can get cheap ones from Target or Walmart, or you can get a bit fancy and pick one up from PBTeen (one of my absolutely favorite sources for dorm decor).

Monogram your linens

If you don’t want to fall prey to potential laundry thieves, get monogrammed sheets and towels. No one is going to want to steal something that obviously belongs to you. This is also a cute way to customise your room a bit more and make it feel more personal. I also recommend buying plain white sheets and towels. These will be the simplest to wash, because you can just chuck some bleach in and get any stains out.

Buy comfortable bedding

No one likes scratchy and itchy sheets, or musty smelling duvets (unless you actually like that kind of thing – you do you). Buy a new set of sheets and a duvet cover for your dorm room. A new chapter of your life deserves new bedding! My favorites are soft organic cotton. You’ll want something that will work all year round. If you have a standard mattress that came with the room, buy a mattress protector and a mattress topper. This will give you a little bit more comfort, and shield you from any potential nasties that are hiding in your mattress.

Make your storage cute and clever

Let’s face it, this is a dorm room. You’re not going to have a lot of space, and it’s probably going to be an inconvenient shape. If you’re allowed to switch out the furniture, try a loft bed. PBTeen has a fantastic range of different kinds, and you can save a lot of space if your wardrobe or desk is under your bed. You’ll have to call ahead and find out if you’re allowed to bring in different furniture.

Coordinate with your room mate

It’s a great idea to meet with your roommate before you start doing any shopping. That way, you can both decide on what kind of theme you want your room to have, without ending up completely clashing on move-in day. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy or identical. Try picking out a few complimentary colors, and basing all your decor around that. I like the idea of white, gray, and pink like the room above.

Add a wall calendar

A wall calendar is pretty much essential when you’re like me, and bad at organising. This one from PBTeen is gigantic, and you can easily wipe things off at the end of the month. It’s also a great space to leave notes for your roommate, and you can even share if you do some of the same things. Just use a different color pen so you don’t accidentally go to your roommates bio lab!

A side note: this post wasn’t sponsored by PBTeen, I just love their website for college dorm decor. They even have a range of sorority monogrammed items so that you can show your Greek pride! Like I’ve said a few times, this is your home for the year. You should truly feel at home in it. It’s a space you’ll work, sleep, and hang out. Good luck for this semester, and have a great year at college!


PS: I had so much trouble finding a good quality header photo for this post! Although not of a college dorm room, this image from My Design Dump features a really pretty bed set up for a teenage girl that you can totally take inspiration from – aka go pillow crazy!

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