Glamour with an Edge


If I was honest with myself about my true clothing tastes, I’d admit that I definitely love to mix glam and edgy together on a constant basis. I always feel like there’s something missing if there isn’t a touch of the rough in with all my soft girly items. Edgy glam is my fashion style and my personality, but I tend to be hesitant about actually applying it. I try to stick to more acceptable and traditional clothing, because that’s how I tend to come across. I do want to be a more sophisticated and glamorous person – but you’ll never catch me without something leather or studded in my closet.

I tend to take decor clues from my closet: what looks good on your body will probably look good in your home. Lately I’ve been keeping to more minimal room styles, and my clothing choices have been relatively casual. Because we’re in winter in New Zealand, I’ve been opting for a hoodie and a pair of jeans over any other options. Today’s post is kind of like a edgy glam lookbook, to inspire me and guide me into making truer choices with my wardrobe.

I feel like this kind of chic/rock style is always going to be present in my life, even if I’m trying to cover it up with chiffon and structured blazers. Blogging has helped me open up to my true personality and tastes, and has allowed me to be more honest with myself. For too long I have been restricting myself to what other people have said I should wear – but the House of Grace is all about creating a life that you love, and it’s time I started applying that.


All these images can be found on my Couture pinterest board – I’d put in the sources individually, but I’m having a lot of computer trouble. Header image is from Bisous Natasha.

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