30 Incredible Bathrooms That Embrace the Outdoors

30 Incredible Bathrooms That Embrace the Outdoors

One of the most stunning and peculiar trends in the interior design industry has to be outdoor bathrooms. It’s such a unique concept, and definitely worth highlighting. Outdoor bathrooms tend to be slipping in popularity lately as more minimal and urban spaces come into play, however I think outdoor bathrooms will still last in the background.

Outdoor bathrooms can range from having an open sky, to having floor to ceiling windows. This unexpected element brings so much life into a space that’s normally only used for functionality. These bathrooms feel so distinctive and luxurious – definitely a room that I’d love to spend time in.

Here’s a quick tip for if you’re considering an outdoor bathroom: ensure you’ve got privacy! Outdoor bathrooms work best in spaces that can have high fences installed, or where your neighbours live far enough away that they can’t get an accidental peek. They work especially well in places that have gorgeous views – such as mountains, forests, oceans, or wide open plains.

Natural light and air are so important for bathrooms, to ensure cleanliness and well being. It will be one of the most stunning ways to wake up in the morning, with warm sunlight pouring in and a fresh breeze to help you air dry. Can’t you just imagine watching the stars while you’re having a soak in the tub? You could even put in a fireplace or fire pit to get an extra bit of smoky, crackly warmth.


Header image is by Smith Brothers Construction Inc.


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