Inspired by Chanel and Black & White


Like any good fashion lover, I find that my interior design tastes are majorly inspired by the crisp and elegant contrast of Chanel’s black and white color scheme. Interspersed with pops of gold , Chanel is an icon that can be translated to many different things; an in interiors, will create a simple and timeless aesthetic that will always look beautiful. One of the best things about a black and white color scheme is that it can be dressed with whichever accessories you feel would be best. I suggest bringing in some gray aspects to soften a space, some natural wood to lend a more Scandinavian feel, or vibrant  jewel tones to give a sudden pop of color.

PS: this post is going up a day late, and I am so sorry! I have had a hectic few days and didn’t realize I hadn’t scheduled the post to go up.

Pairing something clear like this glass vase with black and white will help to reduce any additional visual impact, as well as to help highlight the two main colors. I also really love the candle holders; with candles burning in them they have a warmer tone, and without candles burning they will be glossy and semi-opaque, which will look really cool.

When it comes to exteriors limestone is probably my favorite material, and this white-washed home with black shutters looks so beautiful and classic. The contrast of the colors helps a smaller facade stand out, and the double doors painted in what appears to be a black lacquer lends an additional tone of grandiose to the house.

Simplicity is always so gorgeous, and using minimal black frames for the grayscale prints looks very crisp against the white background. Using the same shade of white on the walls and floors helps to highlight the black items, and it almost turns the black sofa into an art piece. I also love the black cowhide rug; most of the colors you normally see are browns and whites, so the difference is really unique.

I feel like this is the perfect piece to showcase black shoes! They’ll stand out on the white background, without the shelf taking away any of the impact. The bottom most pair of shoes has the slight red glow of Louboutins, but personally I would have a pair that fully showcased the red to use as a really stark pop of color.

All black walls are not my thing, but this room carries it off really well. The black and white contrast is definitely softened by the off-white shades of the bedding, stool, and sofa, and the champagne shade of the carpet helps to bring more warmth into what could end up being quite a dark and gloomy room. Black and white can be overwhelming, but this room is really well done and feels totally harmonized.

Black marble might just be one of my new favorite things. It looks like lightning against a night sky! This gorgeous luxury bathroom might not be for everyone, but it does work extremely well. I also love the addition of white orchids in a black vase; orchids always add a feminine architectural touch to any space.

Tufted headboards, oversized mirrors and Louis XV chairs? Yes please! This room has more of a minimal and stark feel than some of the others, because it doesn’t show any colors that might be used to accessorize. However, it feels very clean and calm, which is perfect for a sleeping space. Small accessories like the adorable lamp and the crystal door knobs bring in just a tiny speck of eclectic glamour that looks really lovely.

I’m not completely sure about this gallery wall, but I love the use of the striped chairs on either side of the bar cart. The bright white and crispness of the lines is really eye-catching, which means that you can keep other surfaces decorated simply, without them disappearing.

The styling of these bathroom shelves in incredible, and I’m definitely a big fan of black and white in the bathroom. The flowers, and touches of brown and gold, bring life to the space so that it doesn’t seem clinical. Black and white spaces always look best when styled really simply, and this image perfectly showcases that.

For a monochrome dresser, this is probably the perfect wardrobe. The shelves disappear into the wall, which helps reduce visual impact in a smaller room. This room definitely has a slight Scandinavian feel from the addition of the pale wood chair, but is still very modern and sleek. For a space like this, clever storage is definitely the most important factor in keeping visual noise to a minimum.

Most of the images I’ve featured so far have white as the dominant color, and this mostly black room is so glamorous. This is definitely a bold contrast room, which I wasn’t sure that I’d like as much as I do. I prefer more simple spaces so being in this room for too long would be overwhelming for me, but I can definitely see the appeal. It brings to mind old black-and-white movie glamour, highlighted by the framed images of said movie stars, and feels so chic and sophisticated.

This glass cloche is the perfect way to shelter something without hiding it away. Stacked on top of these books, this candle looks almost regal and elite. I really love the choice to style with a minimal color scheme – I feel like it helps bring more attention to the books themselves.

The final image is a really simple styled vanity tray, which I adore. I can never get enough of minimal black and white packaging, which Byredo Parfums and Diptyque have nailed. I would use something like this in every single bathroom I ever saw – especially guest bathrooms. It’s a simple touch of stark elegance, and looks very sophisticated.

There is an art to styling with black and white, and I love to incorporate pops of metal and other darker colors like purples, blues, and browns. Another easy way is to use gray as a transitional color, so that any brighter colors won’t feel as though they have as much impact. As with all things, decorate your space in a way that you love – there are no rules. Scandinavian style is on trend right now when it comes to blacks and whites, but I’m not a big fan and tend to avoid it. I like classic and sophisticated spaces, which is why Chanel is such an inspiration!


All effort has been made towards correctly sourcing and crediting images, however there are still some that I could not find. If any of these images belong to you and aren’t credited/are improperly credited, please let me know!


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