20 Gorgeous Ways to Dress Your Nightstand

Nightstands are an incredible piece of furniture. They provide a surface for a lamp and a drink, usually a drawer to store your chapstick and latest book in, and some even come with a shelf underneath to put a spare blanket on. Because of the small size of my room, my bed is pushed into a corner. And my drafting table sits right next to it. I have to take my lamp and clock off every time I want to use it, but my cats think it’s amazing (they can walk almost entirely around my room without stepping foot on the floor). If you’re looking for a beautiful nightstand and some cool examples on how to dress it, keep reading!

As long as it holds what you need it to hold, pretty much anything can be used as a nightstand. I love using a mirrored table or nightstand; the storage is very handy and it looks so pretty when it’s been polished. Use what you want, and remember that you don’t have to stick to the traditional – try a chair, or a simple floating shelf if you don’t have floor space.


Header image is by Live Love DIY.


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