How To Glam Up Your Bathroom

I love bathrooms. Technically, I love anything to do with interior design (my mom won’t take me to the appliance store anymore because I investigate all of the refrigerators). However, bathrooms hold a special spot in my heart. I don’t know whether that’s from having to deal with my own truly tragic bathroom, but as soon as I lay eyes on a well-designed and beautifully styled bathroom, my heart skips a beat. Smooth surfaces and sparkling taps are a weakness, and I wanted to share with you some of my tips on making your bathroom a more glamorous place to be in!

Choose your decor theme

Do you love minimal zen bathrooms? Or are you more like me and are drawn to large rooms with polished tile and hollywood vanity mirrors? When you first start planning any changes to your bathroom, figure out what you want to do and gather up some inspiration images so that you can stick to a theme. You’ll never have to deal with an out-of-place piece again!

Choose your color scheme

Bathrooms are supposed to be soothing spaces, but don’t hesitate to decorate however you want. If bold wallpaper is your thing, do it! I like to use muted neutral shades like soft pinks, grays, or blues. If you plan on having tile, make sure that you pick a color or style you really love – and you can’t go wrong with beiges or whites.

Switch out your hardware

There is absolutely no reason to stick with hardware that doesn’t work for you. My bathroom has individual taps instead of a mixer, and they sit very close to the back of the sink. It’s nearly impossible to wash my hands without hitting my knuckles on something. So switch out your taps and showerhead. You can get them in different colors such as yellow or orange, or be like me and stick with a shiny chrome or satin nickel. I also love overhead rain showers. Despite being short, I have really long hair and sometimes it splats on the shower wall when I’m trying to fit under our wall-mounted shower head.

Go glam with lighting

Lighting in a bathroom can be a tricky thing. You have to consider the safety aspects, as well as cleaning. But if your heart is set on a beautiful light fixture, buy it. It’s worth consulting with the store people or an electrician before purchasing bathroom light fixtures, but there are many glamorous and gorgeous fixtures out there now. I love a good chandelier over a bath, and this image also features some really pretty sconces mounted on the mirrors as well!

Change your mirror

Tired of a bulky mirror frame? Switch it for a frameless piece. Got a builder-grade piece of sad stuck to your wall? Try a large mirror with bevelled edges. Almost any mirror is appropriate for your bathroom space, and choosing one that you like to look at (yourself in) is always a good idea. Personally, I like a more simple frame, and the bigger the mirror is the better.

Add a bathtub

It’s likely that you have a shower mounted over a tub. I think this is the worst bathroom invention ever made. For one, the bathtubs always end up way too flat and long for me, and I slide down them. If you have the space, or the money to create more space, purchase a soaking tub. I like claw-footed tubs with angled backs. You can even get walk-in tubs, for those of you who have limited mobility.

Invest in luxurious linens

These towels are from the Hilton Home collection, and are one of my preferred towel options. Most fancy hotels have options to buy their preferred linens, robes, or bathroom products these days. You don’t need to stay in a five-star hotel to get the luxury experience! It’s worth investing in good quality towels to help take care of your skin, and they’ll also feel plush and lovely when you use them. Choose white towels over colors, because you can easily bleach out stains.

Carve out a vanity space

If you’re like me, you don’t like getting dressed straight out of the shower. I like to sit around in my towel and browse instagram or facebook as I style my hair. A dedicated vanity space in my bathroom would be so wonderful! Powerpoints can be safe and secure tucked away in drawers, and it means that you don’t have to struggle into your skinny jeans while you’re still damp. Pro tip: steam your work clothes in your bathroom as you shower, and do your hair and makeup at your vanity before you get dressed. No need to even leave the room!

Pretty smelling things

Let’s be honest, sometimes bathrooms can have lingering odours. Collect some fresh flowers, room perfumes or air fresheners, and a beautifully scented candle. Corral them on a tray, and don’t forget to include some matches. You can light your candle while you’re soaking in the tub, or when guests are over and you don’t want them to worry about leaving behind an unpleasant whiff. I love vanilla and jasmine, and a diffuser is a good choice if you don’t like candles.

Invest in artwork

I love having artwork in the bathroom. My mom thinks it’s silly. It’s great to have something to look at and be inspired by while you’re dancing around after your shower. If you’re not into having framed art in the bathroom, you can always get the same effect by mosaic murals or beautiful tile flooring.

Add unexpected elements

Grand chandeliers and sheer curtains are so unexpectedly lovely in a bathroom. It can turn a room from a practical space into a beautiful and relaxing paradise. There are so many different things that you can add to a bathroom to make it a bit more classy – think leaning floor mirrors, metallic wall coverings, and upholstered seating.

Use storage space as a display

Just because your shelf is a place to put your towels doesn’t mean you should neglect keeping it styled and tidy. Messy shelving can throw off the sophisticated feel of any space. Keep a clear container for bath bombs and salts, roll your towels up and stack them like a spa, and add a small sculpture or plant for a touch of decoration! You can also add an enclosed basket to keep things like sanitary items and toilet paper out of view.

Dress up a small table

A side table by your bathroom, or a bathroom bar cart, is a great addition. You can style it for the pretty when you’re not using it, and it’s a handy place to put your book and drink while you’re taking a bath. Tables and carts are a perfect option for bathrooms without any shelving space, and are easy to change up when the mood hits.

Bathrooms are places that should be clean and beautiful, places that you enjoy spending necessary or frivolous time in! They’re one of the first places I like to tackle when it comes to a new home design, and are definitely worth the investment. If you’re looking at renovating or redecorating your bathroom, don’t forget to pop down to a local bathroom specialist store and speak to someone about all your options. The time for builders grade fixtures and carbon-copy vanities has passed – go forth and explore!


Header image is by Positive Space Inc.


2 thoughts on “How To Glam Up Your Bathroom

  1. Buying good quality towels are very important! Those thick soft luxurious towels are so much more comforting than thin rock hard towels that just get soaked immediately. Like you said, also helps with the skin :)


    • I totally agree! I love bundling up in lovely towels, and I have some nice ones that I stay in while I dry my hair. Plus, they just look so nice on shelves and hanging up.


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