Beautiful Room-Sized Wardrobe Inspiration


While walk in closets are great, nothing beats a room-sized wardrobe. There is nothing else that makes me feel as free to be shamelessly girly than a big wardrobe, filled with lovely clothing and beautiful accessories. Today’s post is going to be a collection of gorgeous closets, plus some tips and ideas on what you could include for yours – no matter what the size! So pour a glass of champagne, turn up your music, and prepare for some serious closet envy.

This closet is actually U-shaped, and around the corner is space for hanging clothes. I love this design because you can dress in private, and then select your shoes and accessories as you leave the room. My favorite aspect is the great use of the ceiling heights. If you have high ceilings, definitely go up as far as you can go. This will give you extra space to store shoe boxes and garment bags, while keeping your main area for your actual clothes. You could also install a rolling ladder to add a bit of chic for reaching higher items.

I am unashamedly a shoe addict, so whenever I plan any dream homes for myself, I make sure to add in shelves for shoes (if not an entire room dedicated to them). Shoes are not only functional, but they’re a work of art. Too often we put beautiful shoes away and don’t see them. Having them out on display means that they’re always there for you to browse, and you never miss picking the perfect shoe for your outfit.

This is the photo I always use to inspire my own closet designs. I love the simplicity of the white and the functionality of the glass doors. Your clothes will stay protected from dust, but also be very visible and easy to browse! Another thing that I always suggest for larger closets is an accessory bureau. These can be customised with specialty storage, so that your sunglasses, belts, jewellery, and other items don’t get damaged or mixed up. It also makes a great surface for arranging items, folding laundry, or putting your coffee on when you’re getting ready in the morning.

Speaking of specialty storage, I love this pop of hot pink in these lockable accessory drawers. Getting something lockable is great for storing more valuable items, and the bright color means that you always get a lovely surprise. This is the set up I usually go for when it comes to the top of drawers – a tray to hold jewellery or perfume, and a vase with some flowers. A mirror is another lovely addition here so that you can make sure your jewellery goes with your outfit.

One of the most forgotten things in wardrobes is proper seating. You need somewhere to sit to take off your shoes, and it’s also a perfect place to put your friends when you’re modelling outfits. I also really love the combination of open and closed storage – designer items can be kept in their garment bags behind closed doors for extra protection, and colorful casual pieces can be out on display.

Although I prefer a pure white backdrop for clothing, I really enjoy this gray and white version. It has such an air of sophistication, while still allowing gorgeous clothing to be showcased. The drawers look like they’re full extension, so you can utilize all of your space without losing anything in the depths of your closet. The little TV above the mirror reminds me of ‘butt-cam’s that some stores have. That way you can see how you look from the back as well as from the front!

Here’s a perfect example of that pure white backdrop I was talking about. This room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, so the designers used white and mirrors to maximise the effect from the skylight. This is a wonderful solution for a long narrow space, and the addition of the storage ottoman is a fantastic idea. I also really like the simple mirrored vanity – useful when you need it, but still minimal enough to not overwhelm the space.

How gorgeous is this antique style wardrobe? It has such a wonderful old-world elegance to it, perfect for someone who prefers to dress refined and stately. The bench provides plenty of seating, while also being a brilliant surface to plan outfits or fold clothing. I can’t imagine what the little drawers contain – scarves? Belts? But I like to think that the beautiful wooden sideboard contains sneaky cocktail supplies and handbags.

I really enjoy this blue and white closet. The lacquered trim brings a bit of sparkle to the room, and feels very sleek and feminine. A lot of people would go for a more Tiffany-blue for the ceiling, but I like this softer dusky version. It stops the room from feeling overpoweringly bright. The best thing about it definitely has to be the grand white chandelier; it really makes the space.

Display your beautiful items! You bought them because you loved them, so having them out to look at will make you very happy. From the looks of the centre island, the smaller side has a tilt out laundry bin to keep dirty clothing out of view. This is a clever idea that I love using. Another way would be to install it as a laundry shute (if your layout allows). I also once saw a version where the laundry basket could be tilted into the actual laundry room so that you don’t have to carry your washing around yourself.

The corner unit in this wardrobe kind of reminds me of Hannah Montana, but is a brilliant option for awkward corner spaces. The metal rails are mounted so that you can turn them, giving you access to all of your clothes. This will add so much more storage space. Just be careful not to spend too much time aimlessly spinning the racks; they might break and bend.

A tri-fold mirror will ensure that you can see what you look like from any angle, so install one if you have the space. You could even add a little platform to stand on, so you can feel like you’re shopping in a boutique! The mirror in this room is positioned to reflect the only source of natural light – the door. I’m also really loving the use of a statement chair, especially this black and gold one. Sitting in it will always make you feel elegant.

Remember earlier when I talked about accessory bureaus and specialised storage? Consider this a combination of both! I love the hooks for bags with longer handles. I find that when you put them on a shelf, they tend to get a little slouchy. The varying heights of the purse shelves are a clever choice as well – all your clutches and small bags can be sorted by size or type. One day, I’m going to have drawers filled with beautifully organised clutches – including dedicated drawers to McQueen and YSL ones!

Patterned wallpaper is a chic way to change up the look of your wardrobe. I suggest using temporary wallpaper so that replacing it will be less expensive if your tastes change. However my favorite part of this particular closet is the shelves for foldable items. Pieces like knitwear shouldn’t be hung up, so having shelves will allow you to store them properly. It’s also a great place to store jeans and casual tops if you don’t have drawers.

French doors are a great option for a wardrobe that doesn’t have access to natural light. Add a pair of sheer curtains so that you can have privacy when you want to change, and pull them back to allow the light from the bedroom to flood in. The transom window above also means that even when the curtains are pulled, you still get adequate lighting. This is another wardrobe that takes advantage of ceiling height. Short people like me would need to keep a ladder tucked away somewhere close to reach the upper cabinets!

I adore this wardrobe. A specialised nook to use as a dressing room? Yes please! The carpet and curtains are beautiful, and I really like the thin trim on the glass doors. The cupboards are also backlit, which means that you don’t have to worry about potentially missing the perfect piece when you’re hunting for an outfit. The dressing room itself has storage for shoes, so you can test out different shoes without even leaving the little space.

This is a great example of what appears to be a room converted for use as a wardrobe. The large windows provide lots of beautiful natural lighting, and to enter the room you actually walk through a little corridor of shoes. This room is so simple and chic. Personally, I think I’d add a parsons style desk in front of one of the windows for use as a vanity. Not only will you be able to do your makeup in the natural light, but the light will also be reflected back from the mirrored island as well.

Another beautiful light and white space that I would happily spend all day in. The simplicity of the space is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the carpets and the sconces. The use of blinds allows plenty of light, while also being practical for privacy. Add in a desk area and some shoe shelves for display and I would be a very happy lady. The black and white glamour portraits are also a fantastic addition.

A beautifully designed wardrobe nook is a great option for smaller spaces. The sliding pocket doors allow for maximum light, and the mirrored backs of the display shelves help to highlight the beautiful items on display. This layout would be perfect for a shared closet space, but I’d definitely add a bench to sit on.

This stunningly glamorous space by Ralph Lauren Home is perfect for those who like bold elegance. I admit, although I wouldn’t be able to live with this space, I’d feel like a princess using it. The gloriously huge chandelier and rich color choices lend to the feeling of over-the-top opulence. If you love luxurious and lavish design, this is perfect for you.

Your wardrobe should be a sanctuary for your super girly side – a place where you can dress up, dress down, or just surround yourself in your lovely clothing and snuggle up to beauty. For those of you who are lucky enough to have the space for a whole room wardrobe, definitely go all out and make it a perfect palace for yourself.


Header image is from My Peep Toes.


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