16 Outdoor Spaces That I Adore


If you live in New Zealand, you’ve probably heard about Field Days. This is the biggest agricultural exposition that we have, and it attracts people from all over the world. I went on Friday with a friend, and there were 33,000 other people there! It was great to be outdoors among so many people, seeing what was on offer, and it’s inspired today’s post on outdoor spaces that I’m in love with. When I work on any design, outdoor areas are something that I love to put a lot of focus on. It’s an easy way to extend living areas, and it encourages people to get outdoors in the sunlight and fresh air.

As you’re scrolling through, you’ll probably notice that these images have a couple of things in common: I love structure and water when it comes to the outdoors. I think it provides a timeless combination of strength and flow, and it always looks incredible. Another thing that I love is outdoor fireplaces. The ability to gather around in the warmth of a fire and spend time looking at the stars or talking to family is very important to me, and not just because I get cold easily.

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space of your own, I definitely recommend investing in the work of a landscape designer. Luckily for me, I know an absolutely incredible one, but you can easily find one via Houzzwhere you can read reviews and see their portfolio. The most important thing is to find someone whose aesthetic aligns with yours, but a good landscape designer will always be open to your ideas and will give you new options that you hadn’t even considered!

I have a rather small garden and it’s very basic. I’m thinking about asking my landlord if I can do some simple aesthetic and practical upgrades; such as replacing the pavers under the washing line, painting the fence black, and adding a small deck area for an outdoor living or dining space. I’d also love to plant some flowers, but we don’t have anywhere suitable to do it so I’ll have to invest in some nice planters. Tulips, peonies, early cheer, and roses are first on my list.

Header image is by JLF Architects.

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