Woman of the Month – Jane Lockhart

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll probably be aware that Jane Lockhart is one of my absolute favorite designers. Her career started sweeping the floors of the basement of Benjamin Moore’s head office in Toronto, and now she is an author, and award-winning designer, tv personality and one of the best-known experts in the design world.

She is the host and creative director of the show Colour Confidential, which has had six successful seasons and is still airing re-runs. Now, she focuses on working with her design firm and designing her furniture collection. Jane believes in eco-friendly, sustainable, and beautiful living, which definitely shows up in her designs.

Jane is also a published author, and has been featured regularly across a wide array of design platforms. She works with a number of amazing charities, fitting in the work between her travel across Canada and the USA for speaking engagements. She works with a select clientele on residential, retail, and hospitality spaces in the greater Toronto area.

Jane is a talented and experienced designer, and you should definitely check out her work. My favorite examples would be her work on the Kylemore Communities model homes, which are absolutely gorgeous.

You can find her furniture collections here: Jane by Jane, and her Platinum Series, both of which highlight her eye for impeccable detail.

Find her on social media: facebook, twitter, pinterest, houzz, youtube, and instagram.

Love, Vanessa.

Is there someone you’d like to recommend as an inspirational woman for the WotM series? Let me know!

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