Why Gray is the Best Neutral Color Ever

Cory Connor Designs

If there’s one color that is completely underrated in everything, it’s gray. Although gray has experienced a rise in popularity over the past year, a lot of people are still hesitant in using it in their homes. Why? Because it has a reputation of being dark and dull and boring. But in actual fact, it’s the most easily used neutral color on the planet. Gray goes well with literally every other color. And its shades range from barely-there to completely saturated, blue-gray, green-gray, ‘greige’ – the options are endless.

There’s a reason why it’s my ultimate favorite color, and I’ve collected some inspiration that will hopefully prove to you just why you should be thinking about investing in gray.

Use gray in your kitchen

Use it in your living room

Use it in your bathroom

With a little bit of glitz!

Use it in a nursery

Or a weeny office space

Cover a whole room in it

Or use it to ground a bright/contrasting room

Use it in a soft, light bedroom

Or use it in a dark, comforting space

Wherever you decide to use gray in your home, remember that you can always change up the accent colors to quickly refresh and revive your look! Get excited about gray, because I am.

Love, Vanessa.

Feature image is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Ozark Shadows.

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