Defining Style: What is Classic Glam?

I just took Apartment Therapy’s Trust Your Taste quiz, and I landed on Classic Glam. I was surprised to actually find an answer in a style quiz that actually represented my taste in interior design and decor. Combining traditional looks with plenty of sparkly accents and chic pieces is exactly how I like to decorate, and it’s nice to know that it’s a more popular niche than I thought it was!

I had so much fun taking the quiz and seeing all the beautiful photos that were exactly the kind of things that I like, so I decided to feature some image choices of my own for all you Classic Glam interior decorators out there.

You’re somewhat traditional and love to keep your space pretty and put-together. You also like a little sparkle and lots of ornamental detail. You don’t oppose color, but you tend to use it rather sparingly and save it for a statement. You don’t mind if your home is a little more formal. You like historical pieces but also like them to be in good shape. – ApartmentTherapy

image via: domaine home

image via: the simplified bee

image via: house beautiful

image via: material girls

image via: house beautiful

image via: architectural digest

image via: decoist

image via: HGTV

image via: daily dream decor

image via: centsational girl

If you’re a classic glam decorator, it’s not hard to find pieces you love – even if it’s just the bones of the piece and you have to update it. I hope you find these pictures an inspiration for your next decor project!

Love, Vanessa.

What result did you get on the Trust Your Taste test? Let me know in the comments!


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