Top Picks from Pottery Barn Teen

When choosing furniture for teenagers, you need something that’s practical but also something that’s going to suit their tastes as they grow. PBTeen is definitely my favorite shop for this. I suggest investing in the big stuff when they’re about 11/12, and changing it up with paint and accessories as they go through their teenage years! An added bonus is that the furniture is still attractive into their twenties, and can be used for a long time without losing any of it’s original appeal.

Keep reading for some of my favorite pieces from PBTeen!

The Emily & Meritt collection

PBTeen ft Emily & Meritt

I would have murdered someone for anything from this collection when I was a teenager. It’s feminine, without being too girly, and has the perfect amount of industrial touches and peculiar quirks to balance it all out. My favorites have to be these three bed cover sets (1, 2, 3) and I adore how they’ve been styled in the images.

Amanda Iron Scrollwork Canopy Bed

amanda iron scrollwork canopy bed pbteen

Is there anything better than a canopy bed? This one appears to be able to convert to a simple four-poster, which is just as lovely! The Amanda (shown here in black) is the perfect way to add a bit of drama and glamour to your teens bedroom. Use it as a focus point for buying accessories – get a little bit of black to sprinkle around the room for cohesive flow. The best thing about this bed is that there’s heaps of space underneath for a trundle or some storage!

Zoe Desk & Vanity

zoe desk and vanity hutch pbteen

I have a not-so-secret lust for mirrored furniture, so this piece has actually been on my personal wish list for several years. Alas, it does not ship to my country. When I was a teenager, my friends and I would all spend about half an hour in front of a mirror in the mornings as we got ready for school. This piece is not only functional and pretty, but will also help bring light into the room. It’s very girly-girl, which is why I love it so much.

Chatham Large File/Storage Desk, with Hutch

chatham desk pbteen

The second most essential piece of furniture in a teenagers bedroom is a desk (the first being the bed) and this one takes the cake for me. It has a tonne of space for filing papers, a big desktop space, a drawer to store your one thousand pens, and space to sort your books by subject. I had to suffer with super cheap options that had no storage and literally fell apart all the time, so no wonder I didn’t want to do my homework.

The Stack-Me-Up storage range


I chose to feature two of these, because they’re actually endlessly customizable and I love the different features of each. On the left is the Display Super Set which is perfect for general storage and showing off ones possessions. On the right we have the Magazine Super Set, which has a tonne of space for organising and storing magazines. Personally, I would combine the two for my needs to make sure that I got the most out of it.

Lilac Wardrobe Storage Display

If your teens room doesn’t have a built in closet, this piece is perfect for smaller wardrobes. It lets them show off their favorite pieces, store their shoes out of the way, and even has a full length mirror on the end to make sure that they look awesome. Pair it with something like the Zoe dresser and they have chic, but minimal storage. If your teen has a fondness for collecting clothes, the next option might suit better.

Chelsea Armoire

This larger piece is all you need to store an entire wardrobe of clothing. Shelves for knits and tees, drawers for intimates, a rack for hanging things, and space for baskets or shoes at the top. They can tuck things underneath or put something cool to display on the top as well. I would rather have one of these than my sad, cold, weirdly green built in!

Everyday Velvet Sofette

If I could afford it (and it shipped to my country) I would toss out half my bedroom furniture in order to cram this delightful piece in. It’s absolutely adorable and looks so incredibly comfortable. My friends and family all have to cram onto my bed or sit on the floor when they come to visit me, so this would be perfect. And check out that storage space underneath!!

Finally, Junk Gypsy’s Dreamer Ship Chandelier

Every room needs a touch of whimsy, and this is so Peter Pan it makes my heart sing. I would adore having this in my room! Maybe not as a main light feature, but definitely a secondary one. I’d hang in directly over my bed with a dim light bulb, or maybe even no light bulb at all! It’s so pretty and delicate, but because of the metals used, it doesn’t feel too childish.

The most important thing:
Remember to make sure that your teen has input into their room! Although you may have final call, it’s vital that their room is a sanctuary for them – somewhere they can retreat to and feel comfortable and happy in. Let them play with PBTeen’s Design Your Own Bed tool, so that they can pick out the linens that make them feel great! There’s also a Study Space tool, and an overall Plan Your Room tool! These are great interactive options that can be kind of addicting, and it’s so much fun to try out different combinations – and if you like the end result, you can purchase right from the program.

All of these items are shoppable by clicking on the pictures. This is not a sponsored post! I simply adore Pottery Barn Teen and would recommend it to anyone. Don’t forget to check out their blog theStyleHouse, or find them on social media!

Love, Vanessa.

Be honest: how much time do you spend shopping the kids sections for their much cooler furniture and accessories??


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