International Day of Happiness

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Today we are celebrating happiness! It took a long time for me to focus on happiness in my life, to figure out how I could invite it in. And to acknowledge my own personal journey of happiness, I’ve come up with a quick list of things you can do to bring happiness into your heart.

  1. Do something nice for yourself. The best way to invite happiness into your life is to be kind to yourself. So treat yourself to something that you love! My favorite thing to do is marathon a good tv while snuggled up in comfy pjs with my cat.
  2. Let light into your home. Open all your windows and doors, wash your linens and your clothing, vacuum and mop your floors and wash your dishes. A clean, bright, fresh home is so inviting and you won’t have that nagging little voice in the back of your head telling you that your kitchen is dirty.
  3. Go for a walk in nature. Fresh air and sunlight is a great way to get happy quickly. I love being surrounded by plantlife – beautiful flowers, tall trees, the ducks down at my favorite lake.
  4. Cuddle your pets. I have two tonkinese-burmese cross kitties, and they make my heart all fuzzy and warm. I do have to chase them down and force them to cuddle me occasionally, but other days (like yesterday) one of them will settle down with me and snuggle into my leg.
  5. Pay for someones coffee. Mornings can suck, especially if you’re in a rush and you’re getting overwhelmed. Make someone else’s day a bit easier by paying for their coffee. This leads into the next tip:
  6. Compliment a stranger. Has anyone ever told you that your hair looks amazing? Or that they love your shoes? Or even that you smell nice? All these simple little things can boost someones confidence super fast and put a smile on their face. The best part is that it makes both you and the person happy!
  7. Make your favorite meal. Is there something that you absolutely love eating, something you could eat every day? Make it for yourself! Make it healthy, or make it super unhealthy. The only rule is that you have to enjoy it, and you can’t feel guilty over it.
  8. Smile at your reflection. You look cute today, so smile at yourself. Your eyes will lighten up, your skin will glow, and you’ll look extra amazing. Smiling triggers the same endorphins as actual happiness, so it’s a great thing to do.
  9. Laugh, as loud as you can. Even if it starts out fake, laugh. Laugh at the birds, at dogs playing, at the sky. Jump in a puddle and laugh! Laughter is a brilliant and extraordinarily beautiful sound, and invites happiness in wherever it’s heard. Lastly,
  10. Exercise! I always feel extra happy after a good workout. I’m flushed, I’m sweaty, my blood is pumping, and I feel alive. Dance around, lift weights, go on a run, take a kickboxing or yoga class. Get your body moving and your mind will soon follow.

When I decided to be happy, it wasn’t an instantaneous change. But it was a conscious one. I stopped letting bad things affect me, and chose to enjoy the simplest things I could. By doing this, I realized that there are so many great things in my life, and the bad things stopped to matter! I hope you can bring happiness into your life as well.

Love, Vanessa.

To keep track of your happy moments, why don’t you try out this little happiness jar diy!


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