Second Woman of the Month – Abby Larson

The second Woman of the Month for Women’s History Month is Abby Larson, of Style Me Pretty!

Second March Woman of the Month - Abby Larson


When I first started to explore the world of blogging, Style Me Pretty was one of the very first websites I started to read. Abby Larson has built not just a blog and a career, but an empire. She runs both Style Me Pretty, and Style Me Pretty Living, two of the most beautiful and resource-filled websites on the internet.

The SMP websites provide consistently gorgeous content and photographs from real-life events and homes. The photography is always wonderfully curated and there’s always something that inspires me, even if I have to take it out of context – such as seeing a beautiful tablecloth that would also make a pair of stunning curtains.

It is the dream of every bride to have their wedding featured on Style Me Pretty, and with 16.5 million monthly pageviews, who wouldn’t? Abby’s story is the same as many other bloggers out there – she started small but with passion, and 7 years after Style Me Pretty began, she reaches 600 wedding submissions a week. That’s crazy amazing!

Abby has reached a stage in her career where it pays all of her bills, and that’s what I, and many other bloggers like me, aim to do. Every time I feel blue about my progress and my future as a designer and blogger, I like to pop onto SMP or read some interviews and remind myself that Abby Larson, wedding expert and blogger supreme, was once just like me – voicing her thoughts on the internet and hoping that someone gets inspired by them.

You can find Abby on social media:

and see the blogs here:

Love, Vanessa.

Are there any women that inspire you to work harder and do what you love? Let me know! And don’t forget to check out this months first woman of the month here.


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