Movie night essentials

movie night
photo via: @keatonstromberg

If you’re an avid movie watcher, you probably have your movie night routine down-pat. But for some novices, the art of the movie night remains a mystery. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, here are some things you may find yourself needing:

Comfy seating
There is absolutely nothing worse than your butt going numb right at the good part of the movie, and having to awkwardly shuffle around to get comfortable again. Make sure to stock up on plenty of squishy cushions and places to put your feet.

Comfy clothing
Jeans will dig into your stomach – trust me, I have war stories. Invest in a good quality pair of lounge pants and a soft shirt. Fuzzy socks and a hoodie are also essential items, just in case you get cold.

All of the remotes
You’re comfortable. Your drink is balanced precariously on the arm of your sofa. Your feet have found the perfect place on the coffee table. The remote is sitting on top of the TV. This is a sad, sad situation that many of us have been in before. Make sure that all of your remotes are nearby so that you can reach them without having to move from your perfect position.

Here is a handy little list for you to shop your cupboards for!
1. Soda. Whichever kind you prefer, in bottles, in cups, in cans.
2. Water. Another essential for when the soda dries your mouth out and you need some hydration. Also you’ll probably be sitting there for quite a while and drinking water is important!
3. Salty snacks. I’m a big fan of chips and dip, but pretzels would work well in a pinch, or you could go for nuts if you’re trying to eat healthy. Popcorn is a combination of healthy and yet junk food, so it is highly recommended.
4. Sweet snacks. Who doesn’t like cupcakes when they’re watching movies? You should also keep chocolate at hand for when things make you sad. Remus Lupin was a big champion of chocolate, and he was a wise man.
Note: These can be kept under your coffee table and out of your sight-line, unless you have pets.

Good movies
You’ll obviously need to select some movies to watch. My favorites are the Avengers movies, and anything with explosions and action in them. Try to stick to a theme, otherwise your brain will get jumbled. A marathon of your favorites is also a good idea, and that doesn’t need a theme other than “I like this one!”

One last tip: Always pee before the movie, so that you don’t have to take an awkward break halfway through. This’ll give you a chance to stretch your legs and rub your eyes so that you are ready for more pleasant hours sitting in the dark.

Love, Vanessa.

What are your favorite movies? Is there something that’s essential to you that I’ve missed out on? Let me know in the comments!

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