Birthday Decor Ideas

If you know me in real life and are following this blog (hi mom!) you’ll know that in less than a week, I’m turning 22! I’m very excited for this, because it’s starting to finally feel like I’m an actual adult. In an ideal world, I’d be able to have my family and friends around to my house for a beautiful party and a yummy dinner.

This post is all about the decor and other similar things that I’d have for my birthday. Maybe next year it will be a reality!

Birthday cake!

birthday cake wedding cake metallic pretty

Birthday table!

gold glitter sequin table tablescape

Floral wall for taking photos!

floral wall photobooth

Absolutely gigantic balloons!

giant balloons pink peach white
if anyone can tell me the source of this image, please let me know!

Paper lanterns strung on cafe lights!

paper lanterns cafe lights lighting

Cute pink and white place settings!

place setting tablescape menu napkin pink white

Hilarious banner from Urban Outfitters – currently unavailable :(

banner cheers bitches birthday urban outfitters

Adorable vintage brooch placecards – DIY it!

vintage brooch escort name cards diy

Absolutely darling invites!

pink white stripe invite polka dot

Polka dot plates and cute little thank you gifts!

plate tablescape polka dot gift present

And finally, just for fun, I’d wear this dress by Nordstrom. It’s currently unavailable, but I love anything with sequins and tulle!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas and have some inspiration of your own now!

Love, Vanessa.

What are your favorite birthday decor ideas? WHEN is your birthday? I’m looking forward to being 22, and I hope you are as excited for your next birthday as I am!


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