Colors of 2015 Roundup

Hi guys and welcome back!

2015 is a year for new experiences, and what a better way to experience something new than with a new favorite color! Today’s post is going to be a roundup of my predicted 2015 color trends, as well as the Color of the Year choices by some of my favorite paint companies. Keep reading to see some beautiful examples of the colors and my recommendations for their use.

Pantone – Marsala

Marsala is such a beautiful color and I am in love with it (as are most designers, I’m sure). It reflects one of my favorite color trends for the year – rich berry tones. Marsala looks great in both small doses and large amounts. In a slightly darker shade, it will look amazing in bedrooms. I also adore it as a color for curtains, and for dining chair upholstery to add a pop of deep reddish-brown to almost any style of interior. This is such an amazing and versatile color that I highly recommend trying out.

Benjamin Moore – Guilford Green

Guilford Green is a lovely neutral green that I am absolutely head over heels for. It reminds me of apples and freshly cut grass. I recommend using Guilford Green everywhere around the house. In small doses as a pop of color, in hallways and general spaces, as a gender neutral shade in childrens bedrooms – even as a bold choice in bathrooms. This is another favorite representation of color trends. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to more dusky shades in the new year, and almost all of my favorite colors are more dusky and muted shades.

Sherwin-Williams – Coral Reef

I am a huge fan of Coral Reef. This is a bold and eye-catching color, so I only recommend it in small uses. I love this as a gorgeous pop of color used as rugs, throw pillows, in the home office and even to paint the edge of a door as a surprise. Coral Reef is perfect for coastal and beach themed homes. Another way to use it would be to use a warm neutral (Sherwin Williams recommends pairing it with Sedate Gray) to make it less in-your-face, or to use it on a mailbox or front door as a welcoming and hard to miss accent.

Pittsburgh Paints – Blue Paisley

Blue Paisley is a beautiful bold jewel tone, another great color trend for 2015. I’ve seen this used to fully paint a room to add drama, and as a unique and small pop of color to bring attention to beautiful details that may otherwise be overlooked. Blue Paisley looks amazing with gold, and against a crisp white contrast. I surprised myself by how much I loved Blue Paisley when it was first announced. I am a big fan of soft neutral colors, but I adore this shade. If you’re not comfortable with using such a bold color in your home, try an area rug, or use tinted glass which looks spectacular as an accent in neutral and natural spaces due to its likeness to sea glass.

These four shades are absolutely beautiful and showcase some of the trends I’m most looking forward to in 2015. Dusky neutrals, earth and jewel tones, bright splashes of color and frosted neutrals are going to make a move in the upcoming year, and I invite you to embrace them with open arms! Remember that if you hate it, you can always repaint (unlike my childhood bedroom which I begged to be painted bright Barbie pink, and then was left with it as punishment when I realized how awful it was).

Love, Vanessa.

What kinds of colors are you interested in exploring in 2015? What do you think of the color of the year choices? Tell me how you plan on using them in your own home below in the comments.


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